Sims2 and Windows 10 CAS Crash
#1 13-01-2016 
Hi evryone!:-) I'm new here so I'm not realy sure how this works, but I have the same problem I think. I have the Double Deluxe edition and some other EP's as well. But ever since we upgraded to W10 I started experiencing graphic problems. But it seems now I'm also having touble with crashes when I try to enter CAS. Hope I attatched it correctly? Fingers crossed...
.txt  PHILANDER-config-log.txt (Size: 9.48 KB / Downloads: 557)

#2 13-01-2016 

Given that your Config-log.txt is set up correctly, my guess is that you updated one folder and not both.
\Program Files (x86)In the Program Folders\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

The one in bold is the one that needs to be updated for CAS and Bodyshop.

If you take the Graphic Rules.sgr and Video Cards.sgr that you have in the \TSData\Res\Config\ folders and COPY them to
\TSData\Res\Config\ folder

it should work for you.

#3 13-01-2016 
Thank you so much Kiri... I'll surely give it a try.

#4 20-01-2016 
Greetings fellow leefishers....soooo basically I have the sims 2 double deluxe...and some extra expansion packs....but do take note I do not have the Ultimate Collection... So ever since we upgraded to W10 I xperienced some problems that had never come up before. Everytime I enter CAS the game crashes to desktop. Same applies to when I load a household! Help any1?
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@Nay1994 Nay before I can do anything else - I need to see your -config-log.txt

you'll find it in your logs folder where you play your game. You can attach it to your post.

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@Nay1994 - please don't start new topics when the same topic is still open.

Please do reattach your config-log.txt - a new one.

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@leefish I do sincerely apologize for that one... It's just that I'm still finding my way around here... and somehow i could'nt get back to that topic. My Bad Blush
@celebkiriedhel So Kiri, you had answered to me before and I tried the advice u gave me but still have the same problem... Not sure if I did it right though? I'm currently using Appartment Life to play-If that helps? and once again so sorry for not being able to give u feedback on the last topic*
Here you go:

.txt  PHILANDER-config-log.txt (Size: 9.59 KB / Downloads: 494)

#8 27-01-2016 

When you are going into Cas - is this occurring while you have Custom Content in the game?

If it does, then what I need you to do - is rename your 'The Sims 2' folder in your My Documents area, and start up the game again so it can regenerate a new game. Then go into the game, and try going into CAS without any CC.

When/if it crashes - we will know that it's not due to any CC.

Then go to the Logs folder.

Somewhere in there will be a txt file that looks like - Sims2Exception 2015.09.22 22.00.14.txt
(ignore the .mdmp - we don't have the program to be able to look at that).

The numbers are the date backwards and the time in the format

That will tell me what sort of crash you are getting.

Please upload that.


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