Oh hi, I'm new!
#1 16-01-2016 
Hi there! I'm Raindrop Drinkwater, and I'm kinda new around these parts. :-)

I've only gotten into the Sims quite recently, when EA released the Ultimate Collection. It came at an ideal time for me as my internet connection (specifically my ping) doesn't really allow me to go into SL, where I got my name from, anymore. I got hooked after about 5 minutes when I realised the little people in the screen were complete nutters.

I'm currently working on a default replacement project - starting with painted walls. It's going smoothly so far; the tests I've run haven't melted down my computer *yet*. Mind you, it's early days, I might well paint myself into the wrong pixelated-corner at some point! :-D

Finally, I'd like to say thank you to the creators here!!! I've downloaded a lot of awesome stuff from here. My game wouldn't be the same without you guys <3.
Raindrop, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2016.

#2 17-01-2016 
Hello Raindrop, welcome to the fishpond!

#3 17-01-2016 
Welcome to the pond, Raindrop. :-)

#4 17-01-2016 
Oh how nice to have you here, all new and fresh and excited! It makes me excited too. Velcome. vamp

#5 17-01-2016 
Hallo Raindrop, Sims2 FOREVER!!!

#6 17-01-2016 
Welcome to the pond Big Grin

#7 17-01-2016 
[Image: welcome.gif]

#8 17-01-2016 
Thank you for the lovely welcome!!! And look, I've found the smileys: Celebrate !

#9 17-01-2016 
I'm a little late to the party, but welcome to Leefish, Raindrop! You've got great taste in fish ponds. Big Grin

#10 17-01-2016 
Flower Hi Nix, you're not too late, I still taste like fresh fish!


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