UC - Nvidia (secondary) graphics card problems
#1 19-01-2016 
I have a problem with Sims 2 UC crashing when using my Nvidia graphics card on my Lenovo Z50 laptop running Windows 10. If I'm not too wrong, it is an Nvidia 840M. The game refuses to start if I use the -w tag (gives an E_INVALIDARG error message), and crashes if I alt-tab out of it. I haven't found any solution to this problem myself, so I'm asking here. Note that this only goes when I am using the Nvidia 840M; the Intel on-board graphics card does not do this, however, it is low-end and has graphical bugs which annoy me. Thanks for your time and effort!

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#2 20-01-2016 

Your Graphics Rules is not set up for your NVidia card. You have the texture memory problem, and your video card needs updating.

With the Sims - you need to decide which card you want to use, and then stick to it. If you'd like to stick to your NVidia card you need the following Graphic rules and Video cards.

Download Graphic Rules - Nvidia Texture Fix Max 1920 x1080
Download Video Card - Nvidia - 1341

Download them (including unzipping them) into these folders.

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\

To get rid of the flickering, etc - move smooth edges up to maximum.

Also ensure you are running the game as admin.

#3 20-01-2016 
Thanks, but this fix doesn't solve my issue, it seemingly does nothing. I've made sure to do everything as you said it (I am partially experienced with computers, so I am capable of doing that), plus updating my graphical drivers. I am not interested in using the Intel on-board card, as it is slower than the GeForce card. I have updated the drivers, run it as admin with your fixes, but nope, no changes. I have installed both of them, unzipped (or unrared, whatever you prefer), overwriting the old ones there. I also did it in both folders. The flickering only occurs on the Intel card, by the way, and considering that I'm not interested in using it, that would make no problem. Thanks for your time, patience and effort in this.

#4 20-01-2016 
Keepermaster, please can you show a screenshot of your game graphic settings.

#5 20-01-2016 

Can you give me another copy of your config-log.txt I want to see what's happened.

#6 21-01-2016 
Well, apparently the first problem fixed itself after a reboot - The game can now be minimized without any problems. However, I am still not able to run it with the -w tag. This still gives me the same error. What causes this?

I can send log files if that is necessary to fix this problem.

#7 21-01-2016 
@Keepermaster I read through some of the other Windows 10 questions in the forum and it appears that crashing using the -w tag is one of those things. We don't know what causes it, we don't know how to fix it. If you want to run sims2 on Win10 it looks like a windowed mode is not an option.

#8 21-01-2016 
I see, thank you. It only goes for my Nvidia card, though, my Intel on-board runs -w fine.

#9 22-01-2016 
@Keepermaster Still waiting for the config-log.txt

#10 22-01-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Oh, sorry. Here.

Sorry for double-post, but I have encountered a new problem. If I turn on smooth edges to maximum, the game crashes during next load. I get the error message when it is on the first loading screen; after the intro, but before the neighbourhood selector. To fix it I must turn smooth edges back off.

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