• NCI - Wheel Of Fortune 1981 (Prize Wheel, WIP #2)
  • Added by: d_dgjdhh

So I've found a way to give an impression that the wheel spins and "lands" on a random wedges. Check it out! No puzzle this time, maybe later on. I also updated the textures of the wheel base to make it more similar to the real show's set piece.

Now once again, I'm open to any recommendations to help make the wheel spin better. If you have quick eyes, you'll notice how it "lands" randomly.

I'll have to make the flippers too. No estimated time when this will be released, unfortunately.

UPDATE (May 19, 2016):

This wheel is now available for download. Click the image below to visit the upload:

[Image: 71686_160519043525NCI_WOF83_Logo2.png]

#2 24-01-2016
That is looking fantastic! Glad you were able to work out the random thing! My eyes are the opposite of quick. So I will continue to be amazed and surprised at what can be done in the Sims. Big Grin

#3 24-01-2016
You call that an *impression* of a wheel spinning? That wheel *is* spinning, and it looks magnificent!! Celebrate

Only that camera of yours is a bit shaky and nervous. I wish it would not move around that much. Tongue

#4 24-01-2016
This looks great and the wheel looks like it's spinning to me. Quick question: When did WOF relax the clothing requirements Smile ?

#5 25-01-2016
Yeah the camera jumpiness was due to the recording running slow, and so movements that looked normal in the game were actually too fast.

As for the "clothing requirements", since Superman owns the studio, I guess they made a small exception, lol.

What I'd like to know next is how to make the spinning slower and less revolutions. Hopefully I can see what coding is used for that. The wheel is based off the ceiling fan from M&G, with Low and High spin options only.

#6 25-01-2016
Excellent job. Looks great to me.

#7 25-01-2016
That's impressive!

#8 26-01-2016
That just blows me away, very impressive!


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