To Do-list February
#1 30-01-2016 
Yeah, yeah, we all know by now that I love lists. Love 'em. So I thought it was a good idea to get back into the habit of posting sims to do-lists. Posting this early so we can hit the ground running once it's actually February. Please feel free to add your lists to this thread Smile

  1. Get testing version of Crowborough ready
  2. Add-on set for the Old-Timer Recliner
  3. Toddler chairs
  4. MALM Crib
  5. Sorth through downloads folder to find clothes to repository
  6. Custom MALM endtable with decal
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#2 30-01-2016 
Oh that's a good idea! My list:

1. Upload a test version of some of my walls replacements
2. There's a couple of pixels that need fixing on my jazzed-up version of the bowling alley walls. It's a five-minute job. Stop procrastinating, Rain! 08/02/16 YESYESYES! I haz a proud! Only took me about 8 days
3. Get started on the raw sienna walls & co (Nightlife painted walls)

Added on 08/02/16, because I'm a beggar for punishment:
4. Do the Nightlife painted duo walls
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#3 31-01-2016 
1. Book posters
2. Bank
3. Street Cute
4. Uploading
5. MTS Feb's Theme
6. Procrastinating.

#4 31-01-2016 
1. Start a To-Do list

#5 01-02-2016 
1. Finish the last post needed to wrap up my informal Myshuno! from last year. Done 2/2/16. It took about three minutes. Why was I putting it off for a whole month again?
2. Finish my second "Yay, I have followers!" gift, which is pictures from the wedding of one of my sims. Or rather, an alternate universe wedding, since he really got married in the kitchen because otherwise his fiance wouldn't stay the night.
3. More-or-less stick to my Tumblr posting schedule that I outlined last week.
4. Actually play/build instead of talking about it.
5. Have fun!
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#6 01-02-2016 
1. Restore files from slightly outdated backup.
2. Try to remember/retrieve lost passwords.
3. Reinstall all programs and browser extensions.
4. Reinstall Sims 2.
5. Curse Windows 10 and try to figure out WTF happened.

#7 01-02-2016 
* leefish has no to do list
* leefish is afraid of Windows 10

#8 01-02-2016 
* mustluvcatz would like a to do list

*gives it a try*
1. Gloat over the fact that I actually finished something for a theme on time... posted with 10 minutes to spare.
2. Finish adding slots to a certain desk for a certain someone.
3. Finish arched niches started years ago.
4. Post the wring washer like I promised a few days ago. (Arrrrrgh, why can't I remember anything?!? Lost my stupid notebook which doesn't help!) Yay, I did something! I feel so accomplished now, lol. I even reposted the storage bins Nanashi made for me. Big Grin

*looks at above list*
That should be good for a year or so.

Ohhhhhhh, wait:
5) Rework the Glasswood Bathroom Set to fit in better with all my storage meshes. The set is similar so I want it to match better. Smile
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#9 01-02-2016 

  1. Not make a to-do list since that's bound to kill my enthusiasm for any and all projects on it Tongue
  2. Install Windows 10

See what I did there? Tongue

#10 01-02-2016 
Windows 10 will mean no AGS anymore right?


Sorry, that is a members only option