Login issues
#1 01-02-2016 
Recently I have had reports from several members that they were unable to login to leefish. I have tracked down the issue to cookie settings and have reset the cookie settings. This means that some people may not be able to logout.....

To make it easier, if you find that you are unable to logout please click on the link in the spoiler below:

The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 01-02-2016 
Aww, I was hoping for a silly "muahha, you are stuck here forever"-GIF Sad (I was just curious, no issues here Smile)

#3 01-02-2016 
I heard from some people that they were unable to post, even when logged in, because the system would insist that needed to log in first. Could this be a symptom of the same issue?

#4 01-02-2016 
@BoilingOil Yes BO, that is exactly the issue I have fixed (I hope). If they visit the link in the spoiler tag in my first post of this thread then they should be ok to log on correctly afterwards.

#5 01-02-2016 
Thanks for the speedy response, Lee. I'll let them know. Smile

#6 01-02-2016 
@Klaartje I'd be perfectly fine with being stuck here forever. Wink Unfortunately, I could log out just fine. Drat. Sad

#7 01-03-2016 
Thanks Leefish for finding out the problem. I am so very delighted to be able to log in here once more. ~squeee~

#8 01-03-2016 
I still can't log out on my home pc, no idea why.

#9 01-03-2016 
Karen, the link in the first post should clear all cookies. What you can also do is open up your browser cookies and delete all leefish cookies.

#10 01-03-2016 
I've sorted it Lee, thank you Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option