Win10 UC Slow build/buy mode!
#21 05-02-2016 
Ah thank you. Sadly, that does not lead to a compatibility page either. I'm sorry that I made you waste some time...

#22 05-02-2016 
No worries! Thanks for trying to help though!

#23 05-02-2016 
I did some Googling and found this (scroll down to "How to Run an App in Compatibility Mode").

Edit: NVM, I just realised this is the very same window as Dathoc's, except for some reason it has the tab he's (?) missing. Sorry about that! Maybe try the compatibility troubleshooter the article talks about? See if that helps?
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#24 05-02-2016 
I'll go ahead and give it a try and report back later.

#25 05-02-2016 
Well, with NixiNivis's suggestion I was able to run it in compatibility mode for previous versions of Windows. I tried, 7, XP, and Vista and it still loads whenever I click on something within build/buy mode.

#26 05-02-2016 

Next idea. When you right-click on your exe, before you go to the properties - can you give me a screenshot of that?

I've done some googling, and I think I know how to get to compatibility - but I want to see first

#27 05-02-2016 
Here you go.

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#28 05-02-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Good idea! Following my previous failed attempt to help, I felt uncomfortable suggesting this same procedure... Smile

#29 05-02-2016 

See the third entry down that says 'Troubleshoot compatibility" ?

Click on that -

And give me a screenshot again.

#30 05-02-2016 
First it detects the issue and then this comes up:

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