Repository-ing TS3 Island Paradise Nightstand/Endtable to CS Desk
#1 03-02-2016 
As you are all fully aware by now, my version of "in progress" actually means "may never see the light of day before I expire." Nonetheless, here is what I was clumsily fussing around with last night and this morning. As you can see, the mapping is still a mess, and there is a hole in the mesh where I got rid of the handle in favor of copying over the handle of the desk, but I think there is enough here to imagine how it could look. I was considering that it ought to be two subsets, and the top surface and shelf, because of the shape of the mesh, might need slaved to the Seasons tiki counter (and CS recolours) because of the sharp edges on the mesh. Anyhow, I've lost patience with it and must move onto something else, so I'm uploading this pic and some files in case someone like shasta or Lunie with more experience and an interest in castaway/bamboo/tropics add-ons wants it enough to finish it. I don't really care about authorship, I just want the things I want for my game. At the same time, this is not a request for someone to fix it, unless that person fixing also wants it or wants to share it. Think of it as a kit of broken parts up for grabs.


.zip (Size: 3.36 MB / Downloads: 702)

#2 04-02-2016 
I definitely have an interest in castaway/bamboo/tropics add-ons and this end table is cute! It's beyond my skill set but I'm excited that you knew I'd like it and thought I understood Milkshape :B

#3 04-02-2016 

I can fix the mesh in milkshape if you want to fix the texture.

#4 04-02-2016 
If you are willing to fix the mesh (UV mapping) that would be wonderful. There can't be any fixing of the texture for it to be a proper repository object. The texture is the desk's and needs to remain unaltered, unless you mean recolors.

#5 04-02-2016 
oh ok rm. I'll see what I can do.


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