From Texas, Howdy Y'all
#1 07-02-2016 
Hi, I'm Kunder. I'm 54, and male.... I know, creepy 'ay.

I Started "Simming" back last April, when I found a box full of original Sims stuff at a yard sale. The box contained:

Sims life stories.
Sims castaways. All expansion and "stuff" packs for all the above, and there are some other Sims stuff in there, but the box is in storage.

Someone had a significant investment in this. I got the entire box for $25. I didn't realize what I had at the time. I actually bought these for my daughter, but after playing the original Sims, she got bored with them. I loaded them on my computer, and now I'm addicted.

Sims is now the only game I play.
Kunder, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Feb 2016.

#2 08-02-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, Kunder! So glad you found the games Smile

#3 08-02-2016 
Me too. Figured out how to get them all running flawlessly on Win 8.1.

Sims is my little respite from the world. If you knew me, you'd NEVER think I'd play something like the sims. Smile

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Hi Kunder, welcome among the creepy old dudes... (and other special fishies). I'm a guy, soon to be 57 yrs old, but I don't let that get in the way of my simming.

You lucky b*****d, you! For $25, I would have loved to take that box, too. I would've resold the Sims 1, Sims 3 and Sims 4 stuff, most likely. But the Sims 2 and stories stuff would have stayed with me indefinitely!

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Hi and welcome to the pond!

#6 08-02-2016 
Hello and welcome

#7 08-02-2016 
Welcome, Kunder! You lucky goldfish, $25 ?!?! :-)

#8 08-02-2016 
A big, hearty THANX to everyone. Yup, $25. I guess the teenager in the house was spending more time playing Sims, than doing her homework, so Mom and Dad made her quit Simming, and set the box out during the yard sale. It hadn't settled from hitting the ground yet, before I was toting it to my car. Smile

I kinda felt bad for the little girl, but she seemed to understand why her parents made her get rid of it. However, she DID get 2 more gigs of ram in her computer, as I put some spare ram I had in her computer for the trouble, cleaned it up for her, gave her a legal copy of CCleaner (I have several), put AVAST on her computer, generally spent the rest of the day fixing her computer and got it running properly, so in actuality, it cost me more than $25/cash that I gave her. That's ok though. It was worth it...... Nice family, nice kid. I like helping people out with their computers. I'm pretty good at it. I started working for the DoD, administering their SIPRNET systems, before they found out I had "other" skills that weren't computer related that they wanted to make use of instead. I'm retired now. Smile

Spent most of my years doing pre-deployment training principally to Army, and Marine Corps. personnel, as an instructor.

I get to play a lot of Sims Big Grin

#9 08-02-2016 

There are two things once they cross the thresh hold of my house that never get sold as long as I can still use them. One of those is software that still functions properly. I still have my PFS First Choice, I STILL have Enhanced Deluxe Paint II, and legally own, and have original media of every PC O/S, from Altair CP/M (You had to write it yourself from a manual, and use a compiler, to put it together on a tape drive), to Win10 (I do NOT like Win10), and everything in between. My favorite game, after the Sims, is the ORIGINAL Star Control, in fabulous VGA video format. I still have my original disks.Smile

I have had a computer, since 1978, and have had at least 2 computers at the same time, since 1980. I still have all the software, and a couple really old computers to run them on. Unfortunately, I have them apart at this time, and in storage (They still work though).

I also have most of the original Sierra games.

As far as the other Sims stuff I have, I gave a friend my "TheSims". He quit playing years ago, because his disk was destroyed. He may be joining us here shortly I presume.

Sims3 isn't bad at all. Not as good as TS2, but I DO have all the EP's and "stuff" packs for it. I'm currently putting together a well organized Downloads folder for it, with only useful, and functional CC.

I will wait on Sims4, until all EP's are out, and there is plenty of CC out there for it, before I pass too much judgement on it. Currently though, I don't care much for it, but it DOES have a decent CAS system.

I'm a bit of an artist, and make really cute sims for sims2, but I want to get into creating CC, and Meshes.
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#10 08-02-2016 
I can appreciate your position on this, Kunder. If I have seen a movie that I like, I want to have a copy on DVD. If I've read a book that pleased me, I must have a copy om my shelves so I can pick it up and read it again. And it's the same with many things.

The point just is, that I *started* my simming days with Sims 2, and have not strayed from it ever. I am a Sims 2 fanatic, at the exclusion of all else! I have installed and checked out Sims 1 (borrowed from a friend) briefly, and did not enjoy it. And I need not know about Sims 3 or 4. Having an extra copy of TS2 for when something unfortunate happens to my existing disks is a good thing. But if I'm not playing TS1, TS3 or TS4 anyway, I don't need to keep them. For those games not to be played at all, would be wrong though. So if someone else would like them, then why would I not sell them on? Let someone else also share in my fortune and have a cheapo game!


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