Help with a MOD (AKA Save My Bacon)
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Hello! I'm a new member but love this site and have been a fan of Leefish and BoilingOil (specifically) for a long time!

I've recently gone through a lot of tough stuff personally and dug out my Sims 2 to play as a form of therapy (control over pixels a midst my own chaos?!) and am now working on my downloads folder, in layers... There is one big mod I can't really find to fit my gameplay, so I'm going to go out on a limb and be uncharacteristically bold and ask for help! I'm convinced someone can help me or can perhaps recommend someone? I know there's a lot of S3 and S4 players and many have moved on, but I'm still in love with S2 and want to get back into the game.

I am looking for a Reduced/ Changed LTW and LTW variety mod, which includes UNI LTWs. I know there's a ltwvariety and mods that have some of the features I want, such as one by Alexx58 on MTS ( but it's outdated and not quite what I am looking for, but a great example of the base template. The variety feature making sense is great (I prefer it over "anyltw); I like that it's not a free for all, but makes sense!

But I would like to see if there's another version of this mod? I like the variety-- a LOT, but with the exception of the Woohoo LTWs (blame it on my "virginity until marriage and fidelity until death" upbringing... Having Sims woohoo with even 10 others is just.. "icky"-- plus they fall in love, cause problems, etc. I don't think I've ever had a Sim woohoo with more than 3 Sims--and that was Don Lothario-- in one version I played years ago!) Also, some of the LTWs seem WAY TOO EASY (Raise 1 Puppy or Kitten, Marry Off 2 Children, Have 2 Grandchildren, etc...) I prefer to play a game that does NOT resemble a Soap Opera and don't use ACR or anything, as I prefer my Sims to lead richer lives and not just be hormone-driven pixels.) I understand we can keep re-rolling until we get one we like, but that doesn't seem fair (and I like the challenge of trying to fulfill the LTW the Sim "chooses" themselves!

Does anyone know if this mod can be changed (and how to change it) or if there's something similar to what I'm asking for elsewhere? I don't mind a challenge-- even the 30 Best Friends seems nuts, but not impossible. I can even do 50 Dream Dates (but the 50 1st Dates falls under the Romance/ Woohoo issue...) If one does not exist, I'm hoping someone has pity on me and helps modify this mod or the original LTWs... Someone much more skilled (I have none, just FYI) and tech savvy than I.

Here's what I'm looking for (that might also be useful to others?) in a "Family Friendly Mod":

Compatibility with all EPs & SPs up to AL (so all of them!)

REDUCE LTWs for Romance--> Woohoo with 10 Sims and Woohoo with 5 Sims, or Woohoo with 3 Sims
--> Have 5 Simultaneous Lovers, Have 3 (or 2) Simultaneous Lovers

INCREASE/ ADD --> Have 35 Dream Dates, Have 50 Dream Dates
--> Own 3 Top Level Businesses
--> Raise 10 Puppies or Kittens, Raise 5 Puppies or Kittens
--> Have 3 Pets Reach the Top of Their Careers
--> Have 5 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends, Have 3 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
-->4 Lifetime Lots Grandchildren, 6 Lifetime Lots Grandchildren, 10 Lifetime Lots Grandchildren
-->3 Lifetime Marry Children, 4 Lifetime Marry Children, 6 Lifetime Marry Children
--> Eat 100 Grilled Cheese, Eat 200 Grilled Cheese (original #)

I'm sorry if I'm nuts and asking for the moon here, but thought it's worth asking, even knowing I'm asking for a LOT! Hoping someone can help modify or direct me to someone who will, as I know this is pretty specific. Please and thank you!!

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Hi @s3amaid3n, welcome to Leefish. Smile

And thank you for your praise. It's always nice to meet a 'fan' of your work Smile

I'm sorry, but you'll be very hard pressed to ever find any mods like what you want. You're not asking for just the Moon, but for the one of the moons of Kronos, the Klingon home world. Smile

First of all, for what I have heard of it, it's quite a tedious task to change the wants/LTWs tables, especially if one wants to do it correctly. There are at best two or three modders that I ever heard of who did such stuff. If there are others who might know how to do it, they must be few and far between. And they obviously find it too much work to be worth the trouble, or we would have heard of their mods to change the wants. I myself use one of Alexx58's enthusiasm-based mod.

The only LTW-changing mods that I heard of, all made the existing wants available to other sims than the normal Maxis defaults. Nobody would ever ask for the wants to be based on lower numbers. If anyone ever wanted the numbers to be changed, I'm certain they would ask for *higher* numbers, to make the game more challenging.

Ofcourse, I cannot speak for other modders out there, but at least one thing I can say with absolute certainty: *I* have no idea how to do such stuff. And even if I *did* know, it would be very hard for you to convince me to actually do it.

I'm very sorry.
- BO -

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Hello @BoilingOil! Thank you for your response and for bringing me back to earth in such a kind and gentle way. Big Grin

As mentioned before, I am a noob and don't know much about mods so your information was very helpful. I know that if anyone would know these things, someone like you would know... So, you know-- I guess I'll just need to go find Squinge's mod again, as the numbers of the whorish LTWs on Alexx's mod are just not happening in my game in this lifetime (at least not on this planet! Wink )

Your mods have been a lifesaver to me in the past and I'm sure I'll re-download the majority of them for my new game.
Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Edit: Found your response to an LTW post from 2014 with some mods listed. Would be curious if you've shared a more complete of mods you use somewhere? Rebuilding my folders and want to make sure I have the bases covered but don't overdo it with "fluff". Smile
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Hi MarVee (or @s3amaid3n),

Squinge did indeed have some LTW mods. Don't ask me where (beyond that they are on, that is), though, because since I'm not using those, I don't even know what mod-names to search for. Smile I specifically chose Alexx58's mod, because my favorite sims are Plantsims. As you may remember, Plantsims have only three motives to take care of (not eight, like other sims): Water, Sunlight, and Love/Social. As a result, they need more of each of these three. And the only way to get enough Love/Social, is by being total whores! LOL So I play them like Romance Sims, even without giving them the Romance Aspiration.

It's a pity you didn't include a link to that old post you found, because that would help me greatly in compiling a proper list based on what I wrote then. However, there is a thread on MTS, which lists what many players consider to be 'essential mods'. My "No Sim Loaded" and "Unlimited Sims" mods are among the ones mentioned. So maybe you could start there. Big Grin

Hoping that this helps, best regards,
- BO -

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Hello again! @ - BO -

Thanks for the link on "essential mods"-- I do use some of the items listed there and also found the SimsWiki ( article very helpful, as it also has lists of anti-corruption mods.

The link I mentioned where you wrote the reply is here ( I've already made notes on some of the mods I need to explore further when I get some time, like Cyjon's Want Changes, Alexx58's LTW Variety Enthusiasm Mod, etc.

Everyone's style of play and "Fantasy (Sim) World" is different. Maybe my style would be considered boring or tame by most standards, but as my everyday life is often much more exciting and unpredictable (I'm a social worker currently in grad school studying therapy), I like to focus on having my Sim world more controlled and logical as gaming is often one of the few areas of life I have "control" over. It's kind of my own form or "therapy" and thinking through "What would I want them to do here?!". Big Grin I've never really played many Plant Sims or supernaturals (besides alien spawn), but part of that has to do with originally playing the "vanilla game" and not being able to avoid the corruption that eventually sets in when I've done my own "tweeking" (such as DeleteAllCharacters to start new hoods) and used unsafe mods. After losing several games I loved and getting busy with real life, I gave up gaming but recently decided to get back into it for stress management, so I got the Clean Hoods ( and started compiling a list of TRULY essential mods and working on finding downloads I really "can't live without" so my game doesn't get super bogged down and slow. It's a work in progress. Smile

You have been helpful once again and I thank you!
- S3aM-

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And with all the stuff that it talks about, that wikia page doesn't even *hint* at my "No Sim Loaded" mod, which is the absolute latest and definite standard on fighting corruption! They aren't very up-to-date, are they? Hahahahahahaha...

Ah, I see which link thread you meant, where I gave some advise. It's still accurate. As for the "more complete list of mods" I still don't know exactly what to advise you, though. What kind of mods such a list contains, depends largely on the type of game one wants to play. In my game, for example, a lot of the mods are gathered around TwoJeffs' ACR2. My "P4A - Alien Trigger Override" and parts of the "Reward Catalog" for example, work well only if you have my "Alien Experiments" mod and TwoJeffs' ACR2 plus PregForAll. But most of the Reward Catalog's features would work in any game. But I don't expect you to run a game with ACR2, PregForAll or my P4A. Since I don't think that fits your style.

One thing is for sure, though: almost all the mods that I made, are in my game as well. So that's a good way to start! Big Grin

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You are most helpful, sir. Big Grin

I have your "No Sim Loaded" and about 20 other mods in my game, so definitely a fan of BO, despite the differing playing styles. Wink

Off the topic of my original post but along the lines of game corruption, I have a question I'm hoping you will help me with (as I'm convinced you know the answer to this!). I'm looking for a mod to age Sims down that will not corrupt my game long-term. I used the Simbology Sim Blender to age down my Pleasantview Sims in play testing and they continue to roll wants consistent with their previous ages (Cassandra Goth still wants to have a baby as a teen and Dina Caliente wants to Marry a Rich Sim; Dustin Broke wants a First Kiss as a child). I don't mind ignoring these as long as they don't cause corruption in my game long-term. As it's a feature of Sim Blender, I would think it's "safe", but don't want to assume. I tried to register on Simbology to ask, but as the site won't allow me to register using any of my email addresses (and registering for an email account elsewhere to ask one question somewhere else seems, well, stupid as f*ck-- excuse my french). Wondering if using the Sim Modder from testingcheats to age a Sim down might be the way to go or if there's another way? Or if aging Sims down is just a big no-no? Hoping to start playing the actual hood with the ages more consistent with the storyline I'm working on.

Any help on this would be much appreciated! Thank you!!

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The only way that I found to be absolutely safe, is when a sim summons a genie from the genie lamp, and then wishes for youth. No problems at all. But other players have found ways with other methods as well. However, all these players reside at Simbology.

I can understand how you feel with respect to getting a new email just to register at Simbology for a single question, dear. I'm going to send you a PM on the subject, because I think asking this question there would result in a better answer... Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option