• Ray Bradbury
  • Genre: SciFi Fantasy
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Review Type: Book Review
This is a book of short stories that are tied together with a prologue and epilogue of the Illustrated man and a stranger. The stories are not connected and can be read separately. All of them have mystery and suspense, similiar to twilight zone episodes (and in fact ray bradbury did write some twilight zone episodes)

I enjoy the short stories, they are a little dated (1950's) but still hold up very well. Ray Bradbury is an excellent writer - his images are beautiful and some of the stories are positively scary in a suspenseful way.

Worth a read. Smile

#2 11-02-2016
I haven't read the book (yet!) but that video sure was creepy.

* fanseelamb shivers

OMG the end was cut off though. I wanna see the outcome!

#3 12-02-2016
* leefish adds it to her to read


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