Going away
#1 11-02-2016 
Just wanted to let you all know I'm going to be away from the forum for a while. Just so nobody worries about me.

We very recently had a death in the family. Here in Sweden, bureaucracy reigns supreme and has to come before everything at all times, so there's a ton of bureaucratic shite we have to deal with before we even get to bury our loved one (he passed on 2 Feb and the funeral will be on the 25th - and that's unusually quick. That's how much bureaucratic shite we have to deal with).

Right now, I'm not just completely exhausted mentally and physically, I'm also in a very, very foul mood. I have zero tolerance for... pretty much everything, really, so I'm going to stay away from here for a while lest I might end up saying something to someone that I will (or won't) regret and/or will force Lee to ban me. Tongue

Catch you on the flip side. Heart

#2 11-02-2016 
* justJones hugs Nix

You take time for you. You now where to find us when you want to Wink

#3 11-02-2016 
* leefish tries to find ban hammer. Um, I put it down somewhere, but where

I hope you are able to get all this sorted out Nix. Hugs etc.

#4 11-02-2016 
* mustluvcatz joins in hugging Nix

We'll all still be here, so take care of the important stuff. <3

#5 11-02-2016 
* fanseelamb joins in the group Nix!hug Heart

#6 11-02-2016 
*Ginnie joins in hug

We'll keep your spot warm until you return.

#7 11-02-2016 
* BoilingOil joins in the hug as well.

#8 11-02-2016 
* Joins in with all the hugging too.

Take care, Nix! xxx

#9 11-02-2016 
Aaaah Nix, i'm so sorry to hear. having gone through a similar experience only last week, I can completely understand. I was in such a foul mood I screamed at someone in Walmart, for stopping to make small-talk with the greeter.

Our thoughts are with you. feel better.


#10 11-02-2016 
* Klaartje throws herself onto the pile of huggly fishies.

All the best Nix, I hope things will be a little brighter soon.


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