Sim is slow or sluggish when interacting with other sim and objects
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Hello there,

I just installed Mansion and Garden Stuff and when my Sim interact with others including objects they look slow and sluggish.

Before all this happen it was good when I was playing apartment life but now this problem occur.

Is there something to do with my laptop or something?
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Before I can help you I need to see your <pc-name>-config-log.txt that will tell me what is happening. There are many reasons it could be sluggish, but I won't know until I see that file.

You can find the -config-log.txt in the Logs folder in the My Documents\EA\The Sims2\ Click "full editor" below to attach a text file.

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There's the config log. Thank You very much. Big Grin

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With your PC - do you have dual cores (2 cpus?)

If not - the reason you have lag and slow down is that you don't have enough computer grunt.
If you turn off some off the extraneous processes it will speed up.

Basically the less work it needs to do, the better it will run.

Turn off the following to speed things up:
From the Game Options:
Set View distance to small
Turn Neighbours Off
Turn Clickable Neighbours off
Snow X-ray cursor Off
Fade Distance off.

From the Camera Options
Picture in Picture Window - Disabled
Special Events - Disabled

From Graphics Options
Turn Reflections off.

That should help. Also Securom could be slowing you down as well.

Read about it here from Dathoc

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Oh I see yes my pc has dual cores.
What is SecuromSmile

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Ask google what Securom is. Smile


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