• Stephen King
  • Genre: Crime GeneralFiction
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Review Type: Book Review
I read this because I had watched and loved Haven (TV Series) based on this book. I got involved with Haven because of Leefish.

The story is really well told, and the air of mystery is kept up right to the end. It's not a suspense, horror - there are no scary points in the book - its one where the mind follows the leads and gets absorbed in the full mystery of the case. The characters are endearing, I love the two old men by the end of it.

There's no character journey - none of them change - what there is a pure love of chasing the story. So there's no need for it.

It's a story that reminds me that what's important is the story telling, and that all of the theories are just that - theories.

#7 14-02-2016
I'm pretty sure it was something to do with a newspaper that had the Colorado Kid in the headline or something like that - and that's when I figured it out. I DO remember some of the things that happened in the earlier episodes seemed familiar.

I say this because 1) Never watched Haven until it came out on Netflix, 2) I can't SEE the credits because they're too small and 3) I don't watch a lot of actual TV so I doubt I saw a preview of any of the episodes on TV. (I do watch Supernatural but I doubt I learned anything about Haven on there, lol.)


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