Problem DVD Win10 : Sims 2 crashing very often.
#1 21-02-2016 
This is my first time posting one of these but it's becoming more and more of an issue where I finally do. I've done so much as try to contact EA as well as my manufacturer for my computer. All has failed. So anyways. I updated to Windows 10 the time that it FINALLY came out. SO yeah. It's been a long while. At first, I would open up My sims 2, start the game, and enter CAS. Immediately when finding a hair piece, it would crash. Keep in mind, I never used any Mods or any of the sorts. Eventually, the game got to where it would crash every five minutes when on any type of lot. I'd love to be able to get back into my sims 2, because sims 4 is a little bit too much for my computer, and since the windows 10 update The sims 3 runs to a crawl. Everything worked fine on windows 7 before I updated. Sorry for this long post.

Here is my log down below.

Also, I have tried several different ways on this site to fix this. Perhaps I'm just not understanding some of it, but I do appreciate the help in advanced. Thank you.

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At the risk of speaking before my turn... I would almost say that you'd better roll back to Win7. Apparently, both Sims 2 and Sims 3 ran better on that OS than they do now on Win10.

But who knows, maybe Kiri does still pull some magical rabbit out of her hat. She's in the habit of performing miracles. Smile

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I'm well over the due to be able to roll back to windows 7. I would if I could! I'd so go back to windows 7.

#4 21-02-2016 
Download Video Cards - Intel - 0106

Your Graphic Rules is fine. The Video Cards.sgr needs to be set up though. Windows 10 needs the Video Cards set up.

Also if you are having problems with crashing in Bodyshop - make sure that you this to both folders:

\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - Apartment Life\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - Apartment Life\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

Also how much space do you have free on your system? Looking at specs, it says you've got 553Mb - is that all?

#5 21-02-2016 
First and foremost, THANK YOU for responding in such an awesomely timely manner.

Okay. First question. What do you mean exactly by Windows 10 needs the video cards set up?

Also body shop isn't CAS is it? I've never actually known what the heck body shop was. And i've been playing sims for ten years or longer. Tehe.

Oh! And the space I have left on my system? It says on my C-Drive that I have 146GB

Sorry if some of my questions seem dumb. Tongue

#6 21-02-2016 

The card that I've linked you too - that's the video cards.sgr download. Before Windows 10, it didn't really matter whether that was set up with the details of your graphics card in it. With Windows 10, that has become important.

You don't have to do anything with your actual graphics card. What we're doing here is linking up your graphics card, to the rules in the graphic rules database.

Body shop works like CAS but outside of the game, and it only does the creation of the physical appearance - not the aspirations, or the personality. It's very useful for making sims to add to your game because it has more sliders than CAS. It's also customisable and you can download extra faces and so on.

Bodyshop and CAS actually operate through a different graphic rules.sgr - the one in the CSCONFIG folder. Not entirely sure why, and Sims 3 doesn't differentiate between the two, but Sims 2 does, and so if you don't update the CSCONFIG folder as well as the CONFIG folder, you can have problems with CAS and Bodyshop when you don't have problems with the main game.

You should find Bodyshop in

\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims - Apartment Life\CSBin\TS2BodyShop.exe

#7 21-02-2016 
Oh! Okay. At first I did not see the file. Tongue

I do have one problem though. This is probably all my fault haha. But there is this thing called Graphics Rules maker, that i had tried. My game was able to load up and such before I tried this. And now I'm having that: Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system. Is there any possible way to go back a step? To where it was before I used the Graphics Rules Maker? I'd used this thing before, and I forgot how it pretty much did the same to my game before. -face palm-

#8 21-02-2016 
@celebkiriedhel: If you'll allow me to butt in for just one question, Kiri... Are you saying that if I'm happy with how my game runs graphics-wise, just copying my "Graphics Rules.sgr" and "Video Cards.sgr" files from Config to CSConfig would ensure that BodyShop runs just as well?

#9 21-02-2016 
@BoilingOil Yup - that is exactly what I'm saying BO. Smile

If you download Graphic Rules - Intel And place it in the same folders, that will over-write the graphic rules maker ones, and you should be able to get going again.

#10 21-02-2016 
Thank you for the confirmation, @celebkiriedhel. Much appreciated. Heart


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