Problem DVD Win10 : Sims 2 crashing very often.
#11 21-02-2016 
Well. I put them in those folders. Sadly, it's still doing the same.

#12 21-02-2016 

Can you give me another config-log.txt? I'm wondering what's happening.
Also can you let me know what all your expansion packs are and whether you have any compilation dvds? Thanks.

#13 22-02-2016 
Yeah it's strange. I should not have messed it hahaha.

Okay so here's what's going on now. I had an issue with that program I told you about. And with your fix it still did not work. So I did a reinstall. But there was a problem with that to. For whatever reason I could NOT get the game to launch. It would act as if it wanted to launch but it never did. It turned out, the installation process was...not actually going as it should have. Turns out this disk is defective. I have another copy of Sims 2 (I've been using double deluxe this whole time, as well as other expansion packs) and I am installing it. It's installing perfectly LIKE IT SHOULD BE, with no issues with that. I'm in the process of installing open for business as well. I'm able to get the launcher to work. So I'm back to the start.

I will also be installing other expansion packs. The latest one I will be installing is apartment life I do believe. Would I put that video cards intel file that you gave me, in the confic, and csconfig folder of apartment life? I just want to make sure I'm doing it right. I'm sure it will work, but it's my fault trying to do something else along with it at the same time that made it go bad again. Tongue

#14 22-02-2016 
Okay so I have my file right here that you needed.

Also the games I am using is

Double Deluxe
Open For Business
Ikea Home Stuff
Apartment life
Bon Voyage.

I have yet to install them though. Apart from Double Deluxe and Open for Business.

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#15 22-02-2016 
Okay so. I managed to get them all installed. I put in the the files that you told me to, in config and csconfig. In apartment life? And it still crashes in cas. I can't pick a hair style without it crashing on me.

#16 22-02-2016 

There are graphic rules and video cards.sgr in every expansion and in the base game. The one it uses is the most recent one. Unfortunately, when there is a compilation DVD i.e. Double Deluxe, it needs to go in that one instead of the most recent. So what's been happening is that the game hasn't been picking up the changes.

Instead of putting it in Apartment life, you need to put it in Double Deluxe. Both the Graphic Rules change and the Video Cards.sgr change. That should make the difference.

You can tell because in your config-log.txt you'll see that these lines:

Name (driver): Intel® HD Graphics
Name (database): Intel® HD Graphics <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>

will be changed to

Name (driver): Intel® HD Graphics
Name (database): Intel® HD Graphics

#17 22-02-2016 
Okay I did put it there. It it's still showing the same thing and crashing. Is there a certain spot that I should put those in? Perhaps I put them in the wrong spot.

#18 22-02-2016 

The folders they need to go in are:

\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

If you look in
\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe\TSBin\
Can you tell me what the number is for the Sims2EP<n>.exe

That number in the name, lets us know where it is, in the hierarchy of "most recent".

#19 22-02-2016 
There are two different ones that have that same thing.

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#20 22-02-2016 

EP99 is the one we're interested in. Is that your TSBin folder? I'm a bit surprised that EADM and Sims 3 are in that folder?


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