To Do-list March
#1 04-03-2016 
It's March already! Time for a new list.

  1. Get testing version of Crowborough ready
  2. Not doing anything else until Crowborough test is uploaded
  3. Toddler chairs
  4. MALM/Hemnes nursery
  5. Sorth through downloads folder to find clothes to repository
  6. Custom MALM endtable with decal
Klaartje, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Sep 2013.

#2 05-03-2016 
I don't think I did a darn thing in February, and I'm moving halfway across the country this month (new job), but I'll put some stuff down anyway, for life balance.

1. Actually play!
2. Print out the things I've played, so I can write them up with paper and pen when my regular computer is unavailable.
3. Get ahead in my posts on Tumblr to cover when I'm busy.
4. Back up EVERYTHING.
5. Play and build on my Mac-game laptop while my Windows computer is unavailable.
6. Sleep occasionally.

#3 05-03-2016 
Oh dear, if you have to put sleeping on your to do-list it is going to be a rough month indeed! Big Grin Good luck with the move and the new job Smile


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