The Sims 2 with nVidia Geforce 920M
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Hello Smile
I've been browsing the forum for a while now but never actually registered, now time has come and I need an advice.
Unfortunately, my old laptop died and I'm going to replace it soon: since The Sims 2 ran perfectly on the old one, I want to make sure I''m still going to be able to work on the new one. I tried to install it on my Asus Zenbook (with many issues) and eventually I managed to run it decently but with integrated graphics card it overheats in a minute and I'd like to avoid any damage. I was looking for a PC with decent processor and a dedicated GPU so that I can run TS2 smoothly, in good resolution and with LOTS of custom content. I found this Acer E5-573G and I tought it was pretty good (i7 processor, dedicated graphics, 8GB RAM). However, I am unsure about the gpu: it's a nVidia Geforce 920M and I read online that it's not really meant for gaming: that said, we're talking about a 2008 game and shouldn't be as heavy as more recent games, therefore I guess it should be enough.
What would you recommend? Is it ok or I'm going to have a bad time? Please note that I really just use The Sims 2 (with University, Nightlife and Apartment Life) and occasionally create some models with Cinema4D or Blender.
Thank you in advance for any advice Smile

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The GPU will be fine - nVidia Geforce 920M works ok with Sims 2 according to the specs I can read for it.
The current Intel RD graphics card works fine for it, so anything that's up from that will be fine.

Sims 2 is cpu intensive so having a decent cpu is also important - the specs in the Graphic Rules for running Sims 2 are:

CPU 3000 (3.0 MHz)
RAM 512Mb (but the more the better)
GPU - anything works nowadays.

The other thing to note, is that quad or octo cores go too fast for Sims 2, so if your machine is primarily for Sims 2, you either need to hobble your CPU (which is fairly simple) or get a dual core.

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Hi @celebkiriedhel,

I have another question for you. I've read many times now, how quad- and octo-core systems are too fast for TS2. My system is built around an Intel i7-2600 quad core 3.4GHz processor and from day one, I have never had any issues. And I do specifically remember never having taken any special measures to get it to work. Could you explain that? May this be due to the OS used? Because I'm on Win7, ofcourse.

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@BoilingOil Yup it's a windows thing - Windows 7 works fine. And to be honest, not all CPU's that are quad and octo are too fast - depending on how they are deployed. The game itself was built when only solo cores were available and it's final update M&G was with dual cores just out. So the problem with quad and octo is that go too fast, they get out of sync with the game and it starts to lag. But it really depends on whether it gets out of sync or not. Sims 2 really doesn't know what to do with quad and octo cores.

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I was wondering, but now I get it. Thank you very much for your response, dear Kiri! Heart


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