Sims 2 Ultimate EP9 crash
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.txt  ANDRZEJ-HP-config-log.txt (Size: 10.22 KB / Downloads: 565) I just installed the game through Origin on my HP laptop Windows 10. The game starts up fine, but anytime I try to create a family or make a lot, it crashes and gives me an error saying Sims 2 EP9 has crashed. I did try to look the solution up on different threads, tried a few things, and can't seem to get it to work. I attached my config file, maybe you can please help me?? Smile

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That's odd, @pilot95. If you've installed the UC, the game shouldn't run from EP9, but from SP9. So I'm guessing that you previously played the disk-based version (including M&G) on this system, and that this stuff has not been properly removed from it. There must still be remnants of it that now interfere with your UC game.

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You are going to need to uninstall UC, and then Uninstall all your DVD's of your original game. And make sure that you clear out the registry. Hannah Bear had a similiar problem and Lee helped her to clean it out. It generally says SP9 in the config when the UC is installed properly.

Hannahbear's thread:

Apart from that, did you run the Graphic Rules Maker? For some reason, that can cause a crashing problem if done incorrectly. It's hard to tell from looking at the config-log.txt that you attached - that looks fine.


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