Recess at school?
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Hello BO,

I didn't know who I could ask about something like this, and you are the only modder that I know of who still mods the sims 2. Everyone else has moved on it seems.

Anyway, I was playing a family with a child today, and I got extremely annoyed with the fact that the child goes to school with full fun and comes home and doesn't want to do anything because she needs fun. I figure that sims at work/school still eat, still go to the restroom, why can the children/teens not get recess and increase the fun some so they don't tell me 'no' when I want them to do something at home?

And in a similar vein, would it also be possible to make the sims pay to eat at work/school?


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Hi @simsuker,

Actually, aside from some minor updates in existing mods, I haven't done any real modding in the last four years. So, although I'm still playing Sims 2 - sporadically at best - I'm not much of an active modder anymore. I still have a few projects on hold that I promised to work on, but can't put myself to actually starting with.

I guess that there might be some recess already built-in/assumed. The amount of fun that is had at school, very much depends on the child's personality: serious children enjoy school more than playful children do. So for serious children, the Fun motive doesn't decay as fast. I'm assuming, therefor, that your sim kid is extremely playful. Also, not every sim likes the same kind of fun activities. Lazy kids get more fun from watching TV, whereas active kids like to jump rope or do sports, and creative kids would rather paint or make music. Outgoing sims enjoy interacting with other sims, while Shy sims prefer to have fun on their own. That is the attraction of the game: sims with different personalities each need to be treated differently.
If one of the parents is serious enough to do so, you could have them encourage the child to be more serious. It will take some doing (Pescado's Encouragificator would be a helpful tool there), but it would change their personality. And if that is no option, you'll need to change the schedule for your sims some, so the playful ones first get some time for play when they come home from school, and then do their homework/chores after dinner.
And if all else fails, you could also just enter DEBUG mode (testingcheats mode) and make the child less playful, or slightly pull up their fun bar when they get home from school.

And as for paying for lunch at school/work... I have no idea what to say on that topic.

I'm very sorry that I can't be any more helpful than this.

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@simsuker There is this mod on MTS that prevents school destroying fun :

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I was happy not knowing that, @leefish :rofl

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Yea, for me, in my game, as soon as a kid gets home from school I send them to play with my garage. It boosts fun AND gives them a skill point. Big Grin

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Thank you both.


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