CSS with template conditionals
#1 08-03-2016 
Hi Lee,

do you remember how to do this?


For each category (xthreads fields filter) I had a class in css, so different background color.

I would like change background to forumdisplay_threads only when thread is public ( <if $mybb->user['usergroup'] == 4 && $GLOBALS['threadfields']['showorhide'] == 'show' then> background yellow</if> ) and only visible to admins.

Thank you in advance :*

#2 08-03-2016 
Nothing Lee..I used wrong name of Custom Thread Field in forumdsplay_thread :/

#3 09-03-2016 
lol so this is solved?

#4 09-03-2016 
Yes, solved Big Grin

Sorry, that is a members only option