Sorry for the trouble- Problems with Sims 2
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Hello, I just joined here because I'm having troubles and I don't know where else to look for help. I've run The Sims 2 on this computer and on my laptop before, but it doesn't seem to want to work now. I just updated to Windows 10 the other day, and then I tried to install The Sims 2 and Nightlife again on this computer. I had some issues getting it to download (it wanted to update and then would uninstall it) but I managed ot get around that and it's downloaded now. But the problem is... it keeps crashing :/
TL;DRL: Every time I start Nightlife on Windows 10, it gets to the loading screen then it freezes and I have to close it (and does the same if I try to skip the opening)

If someone could help that would be great!!!

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@DreamerMari This is fixable. I am very busy today, but will get to you first thing tomorrow, when I catch up with everyone else.


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