Nuke (or Nerf) Food Nap?
#1 31-03-2016 
Pleeeeeeease??? I hate that action to little bitty pieces in separate ziplock bags. Who does that in real life? If you're desperately hungry, still capable of eating (that is, metabolic processes haven't started shutting down from malnutrition, a level of grim complexity that is not part of the sims) and food has been set in front of you, you're going to eat enough to enable a full night's sleep without dying of starvation no matter how tired you are, and do it without wasting time and energy by planting your face in your food dish a dozen times in a simple meal. Please make it go away!!

#2 31-03-2016

Problem solved! Big Grin

#3 01-04-2016 
It's not, though. I have Cyjon's mod in my game. My sims still dive into their food on a (much too) regular basis. His mod increases the energy provided by a foodnap; it doesn't do anything to stop the behaviour.

#4 01-04-2016 
Because you want to nerf this behavior, I will simply *assume* that you are a benevolent God who cares about your sims: you love - or at least like - them well enough that you do not want them to die from any other cause than extremely old age.

So here's a question: Do you have Pescado's nouniprotect.package installed??? If so, GET RID OF IT! That is the only mod in the world that *causes* this behavior. And everyone *knows* that, because the description file *warns* about this (although it claims that this is a hilarious side effect)! Sims under the influence of that mod aren't as paranoid about protecting their motives as other sims.
Without that mod, Townies 'leave' and Dormies 'go to their room', long before their motives are this desperate, and there is no way you can keep them from leaving. They *will* go! And controlled sims will start complaining LOUDLY long before they're that desperate. They will usually no longer cooperate when even just one of their motives is in orange.

But if you do NOT have that mod, then I have to ask you two questions:
  • How do you get two motives - Hunger and Energy - that far in the red?
    And more importantly:
  • Why are you such a Satanic ruler?

Because I've never seen my sims - controllable or otherwise - do any of these things. Once, one of my sims autonomously climbed onto the Excercise Bike, and didn't stop until it was too late. She tried to eat, decided that she was too tired, got up to go to her bed, and collapsed on the floor to gather some extremely uncomfortable rest. So now I restrict access to that bike for my sims, locking it away when I don't think they need it. That is NOT going to happen again in my game, unless I *want* it to happen!

I think that maybe now you start to suspect that I don't want to make this mod? You're right: I don't like this idea for a mod very much. Because in my game, there are no sims to test it on: my sims simply don't need it. I cannot undo things that I cannot see happening. I'm sorry!
But here's a novel idea: get and install my "No Starvation" mod. And then, when you've worked your sim to the bone, send them to bed first, so they gather energy *before* you have them eat.

Or try to convince me how or why this mod idea isn't so bad.


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