To Do-list April
#1 04-04-2016 
It's April! And my list is exactly the same as the one in March, yikes...
  • Get testing version of Crowborough ready
  • Not doing anything else until Crowborough test is uploaded
  • Toddler chairs
  • MALM/Hemnes nursery
  • Sorth through downloads folder to find clothes to repository
  • Custom MALM endtable with decal
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#2 22-04-2016 
April is nearly over, but on the other hand, I'm very close to being properly moved in. I have just one goal for the remainder of the month:

1. Play and/or build

#3 09-05-2016 
Oh! I just did a toddler chair! I want to make it rock tho :/ It is a rocking chair, so rocking chairs should rock Sad


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