Trying to get Sims 2 to work on dedicated graphics card
#1 05-04-2016 
I have tried to find another post, but the only one that came close said they did something sucurom to fix it.

I want my game to recognize my Nvidia 840M card. I have the rules and cards downloads for it, however it's all gross looking and flickering. I can't adjust smooth edges. I know before I was told that I didn't need the texture fix, but without it I can't get max resolution. My log also shows that it is not recognizing the card changes.

I can get it to get work with intel (the integrated card).

If I try to force the other card (in the nvidia 3d settings) the game won't open in windowed mode and locks the computer up in full screen.

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.txt  LAWLIET-config-log.txt (Size: 10.52 KB / Downloads: 473)

#2 05-04-2016 
UPDATE: Now it does recognize the card only I can't get it to open at all. I've tried fixing the compatibility and everything. Textures still a mess and can't smooth edges.

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.txt  LAWLIET-config-log.txt (Size: 10.41 KB / Downloads: 503)


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