6 April - PSA - Kiri
#1 05-04-2016 
I've read all the threads and will be replying to them this week.

I've been sick all March, and am still not well.

So I will be getting to you, if you've posted.

I will also be closing threads where the original poster hasn't been back for a month, even if it hasn't been resolved.
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#2 05-04-2016 
I'm sorry that you've fallen ill, Kiri. Be well soon, dear.

#3 05-04-2016 
I hope you get better soon! So sorry you've been sick.

#4 06-04-2016 
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Hope you feel better soon!! Smile

#5 06-04-2016 
Hope you feel better soon Kiri Smile

#6 08-04-2016 
Best wishes for your recovery!


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