Help With Xthreads/Submission Form
#1 06-04-2016 
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Hey Leefish,

I messaged you on the mybb site and you told me to sign up here. You had helped me out on my board by changing some display code for OUGC Awards before and suggested I use xthreads to allow form submissions. I have a particular subforum I want people to post in using the x-threads fields. However, when you go to make a post with the x-thread fields set, it displays all the normal post options like the default MYBB text editor and post icons and what not as well as the custom fields. I would like to find a way to remove all the default posting stuff for that and just use the x-threads for form submissions. Can you help me out? Will compensate for time, depending on how much time you think it will take you, and what your asking price is.

Here is what I am currently manually having users enter

SUBJECT NAME: CI Thread: "Person's Name Here"

What to put in your CI thread PM:

1. Who are you making the CI thread about:

2. Please describe in detail what the issue is:

3. Submit any links to evidence such as video, images, etc:

4. Do you have any witnesses to this occurrence? If so, who are they:

5. Did you take this issue to a lower officer in the division and have them try to arbitrate the issue before hand?

6. If so, what officer did you try to have resolve the issue before raising the CI thread?

I would like to simplify this into just a form that someone can submit.

#2 07-04-2016 
This is totally doable, if you go into the chat I will help you to set it up.

The best way to do it (imo) is to make a forum template for it, and then two new templates for newthread and editfirstpost and then use your existing fields in that.


Sorry, that is a members only option