Thank you very much, Kiri!
#1 11-04-2016 
I'm not sure what happened, maybe it's because after 3.5 years, I finally picked up some windows updates. Anyway, today, when I started my game (TS2, all EPs/SPs, run from the M&G executable under Win7) I suddenly was stuck in 800x600 mode with no options to change anything.

Reading my MONSTER-config-log.txt file, I concluded that - out of the blue - my system had developed the 32MB texture memory issue.
So I picked up your Graphics Rules - RADEON - Texture Fix.
Now only one minor fix remained to be performed, because your fixes don't exceed 1920x1080, whereas my screen's native resolution is 1920x1200 - a size I've always successfully played with. But changing that one line in the file is not so hard, is it?

When all was said and done, the game still loaded in 800x600. But with the new and improved Graphics Rules I could simply change the settings in-game, and everything is back to the way it should be.

This Graphics section is really good, and so are you, Kiri. Thank you for making it so easy for people to fix their own problem. I Heart U

#2 11-04-2016 

You are welcome BO. Smile

Yeah the texture problem comes from windows updates. Glad you were able to sort it all out. Smile


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