Nixed Sims Update, 11 April
#1 11-04-2016 
#2 11-04-2016 
And they are AMAZING!

[Image: auqum4zu.b0l.gif]

#3 12-04-2016 
Such an impressive collection!!! Marvelous. Wel done, Nix, and thanks for sharing. Heart

#4 12-04-2016 
Awesome set Nix, thank you for sharing them with us Smile

#5 12-04-2016 
So so happy about these!! Thankyou so much Nix - you've done a wonderful job with them and they look awesome - they are going straight into my 'must have in every hood' bin. Smile

#6 12-04-2016 
Thanks!!! I'd say more *thud* but it's *thud* kind of hard *thud* to keep typing when *thud*...

Big Grin

#7 12-04-2016 
Thank you Nix! Smile Smile

#8 12-04-2016 
They look amazing, nix, thank you so much Smile

#9 14-04-2016 
Awww, thank you, everybody! Heart

I must admit, I'm blown away by the positive response this set has got. And you - all of you - should definitely get part of the credit, because if you hadn't been cheering me on throughout this, it might very well have become one of those projects I've got collecting dust in my WIP folder, that I'm thinking I might finish one of these days, if I feel up to it and haven't got anything else to do.

So thank you! You're one awesome school of fishies. Smile

#10 18-04-2016 
Thank you Nix! These are beautiful! Smile


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