#1 14-04-2016 
So I've decided to have a go at making my own hood for upload, to be inhabited by myself and fellow fishes Wink It's still in the VERY early stages, and I only have a couple pics for now.

[Image: 71124_160414023324map.jpg]

[Image: 71097_160412124028-restaurant1.jpg]

Also, I'd like to invite anyone who has a selfsim, or wants to create one, to add to the hood to please do so Big Grin I will make them if not, but if you have one you'd like to be included, by all means, send it my way.
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#2 14-04-2016 
This looks like Sims 2?

I have a self-sim you can have. Smile

#3 14-04-2016 
Should have specified, since I do have ts4 leefisher sims as well, but yes, ts2. (Can't build a hood from scratch in ts4 Wink )

#4 14-04-2016 
Wonder if I can find the self-sim I uploaded years ago. Hmmmmm. I shall take a look online if you want her! (I know I don't have her myself anymore.)

#5 14-04-2016 
Would love to add her if you can find her, mlc Big Grin And your sim too, kiri!
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#6 16-04-2016 
I'd love to share my self-sim... But, the only version I have of her is in my main game. How do I extract her? (recommended tute links, please - I've gotten lost in tutes for this before. I need something simple!) Blush
I've wanted to extract/upload her before *sigh*

I love the park/waterfront area, Jones - that looks wonderful!

#7 17-04-2016 
Can't find mine. Sad I'm pretty sure I'd uploaded her at PMBD.. if it wasn't there it was at Sublime Sims. You'd think she'd be on my Mediafire account but nope, it's like she just disappeared into thin air.


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