Pedicure Bath Chair Question
#1 17-04-2016 
A friend of mine asked for a pedicure bath chair. Another friend made the mesh, and I have made it into a working chair in simpe. (I am still a newbie at custom objects so big accomplishment for me!) but I don't like items like that, that aren't actual working objects. And I don't count just being able to sit in it with a basin a working object Big Grin so now I am working on bhavs so that it will have a soak option, and raise fun, comfort, and hygiene all 3 at a regular rate while you sit there. I can now program the bhavs so that it raises them all at once, but I don't want it to just max out everything all at once (well, maybe I would, Big Grin but most people wouldn't) I want a more slow, even climb upward. It already naturally does comfort being a chair and all, but I just wondered if anybody had tips. I also plan on trying to make the basin/sink part (where the feet are) fill up with water when they sit.

Anyway, if anyone can point to a tutorial that tells how to do it slowly, or has a brief description to fill in the missing blanks I would appreciate it.

Here is picture of the chair btw.    
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#3 09-05-2016 
Oh, got it done Smile now if you want to help with the toddler mirror... LOL
It is actually being tested by somebody now to make sure I got all the kinks out.

Have to say, I was kind of proud of it Smile first thing I ever made like that, except for a couple of tutorial tables. Even have water in the basin now Smile

#4 09-05-2016 
Great! Big Grin

#5 09-05-2016 
Yeah it raises hygiene, comfort, and fun, and has animated water lol. It isn't that hard I guess, except for the million and one things I had to look up to do it LOL. Just took me about 75 hours, including the tutorials!


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