Sims 2 Windows 10 Graphics/laggy
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I have just upgraded to windows 10 yesterday, and downloaded my copy of Sims 2: Deluxe. It would not work in full screen mode, it would only show a black screen until I made it into Windows Mode. It works, but the graphics is all messed up. My computer definitely meets the requirements to play the game. It is a desktop. The pixelated Sims look fine, but the walls and ground looks terrible and a bit glitchy. It is almost impossible to go to a community lot. I created an account to receive help for my issue, after hours of searching on forums. The only way I can access the internet is via WiFi on my phone. Also it is the original disk copy, no origin if it is associated with it. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to sorting through files/extracting or changing file names.

#2 19-04-2016 
Hi @DearKristin,

When you started to post this thread, a description appeared of what info you need to provide for any of us to be *able* to help you. It included the requirement that you attach a copy of your *******-config-log.txt. You have fulfilled all the other requirements, so why not this most important one?

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I stated I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to certain things. I also stated I can only access the internet via WiFi.

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Ok, that makes sense. Sorry for my interference. But sadly, I don't see how anyone is going to be able to help you. Because if this is a graphical problem, then you'll need to download some files which need to be installed in specific places on your PC. That's not going to work when you have only your phone's access to internet.

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Actually, I can type it out.

== Application Info ==
Name: The Sims 2 Deluxe
Build: ReleaseSRT
== Machine info ==
OS version: Windows NT 6.0
CPU: 3094Mhz, Name: AuthenticAMD, FPU: 1, MMX: 1
Memory: 2048MB
Free memory: 2048MB
User: Administrator
Computer: IK-PC
== Sound device info ==
Name: Unknown
Driver: Unknown
== Graphics device info ==
Number: 0
Name (driver): Microsoft Basic Render Driver
Name (database): Microsoft Basic Render <<NOT FOUND IN DATAEBASE!>>
Chipset: Vendor: 1414, Device: 008c, Board: 0000000, Chipset: 0000
Driver: d3d10earp.DLL, Version: 10.0.10586, GUID: D7B71AF4-43CC-11CF-B063-5A09A
Driver version: 0
Monitor: \\.\DISPLAY1
Monitor aspect: 1.334975, 4:3
Screen mode: 1024x768x32BPP, 64Hz
Texture memory: 32MB
HW T&L: Fixed fiction: 1 Programmable: 3.0
Pixel Program: 3.0
Texture stages: 8
AppControlledAA: 1


We can move my desktop downstairs or use a USB. My laptop quit charging two days ago, or I would be using it Sad but no internet where it is sitting right now.

I've had these games for years, so I should mention that the disc is scratched but I have no problem downloading/installing. Took a minute to type all info up there, I am desperate haha. I have nothing to do x.x And I am dying to be creative and build! I have the Sims seasons expansion as well, and the walls as well ground flashed red. I've experienced that before but this time I just couldn't handle it and deleted it.

It also feels nice to be commenting on a forum and stating what is exactly my issues, rather than reading up on others. Any advice and help is much appreciated and I thank you.

#6 19-04-2016 

Thanks for typing up your config-log.txt.

I'm concerned that your graphics device is "Windows Basic Render Driver" - this is not a typical Graphics card, and anything that's not Intel/NVidia/Radeon has severe problems working with Sims 2.

Do you have another Graphics card on the PC where you're running your game?

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My boyfriend said the graphics card is built into the motherboard, not a separate chip set.

#8 24-04-2016 

The graphics card is not recognised for Sims 2, and therefore will not work.

The Windows Basic Render is not the graphics card - it is the default microsoft graphics when the graphics card is not recognised. It is not good enough to do any graphics.

You'll need to run me a DXDiag to see exactly what's going on, on your machine. Will your boyfriend be able to help you with that?

I'm going to need you to load that up - I hope you have internet access on your machine now?


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