Object flags and pie menus
#1 22-04-2016 
Hello everyone!

Today I decided that my game needs decorative stoves, for Sims that I deem unable to cook anything more advanced than microwave/toaster oven. Kitchens look weird without a stove, but if you have a real one they may decide to use it, and the menu includes stove-requiring meals.

Off I went, and with some help from the very kind Klaartje, I managed to make create my own mesh using the Maxis stove, and make a custom object that is slaved to the original. Yaaaay! (Anyone who read the bounding box thread I had a while back, did you ever think I'd get to the point where I could do things in Milkshape on my own, with no tutorial? Cause I sure didn't!)

But, I used a decorative object (statue) as my base for the object, and I don't want my stove to have the pie menu option to view. I've tried including the semi global pie menu, and removing the option from it, but it's ignoring my changes. I know I've solved this problem in the past, but I no longer remember how I did it. I know there's an OBJD-setting somewhere that dictates which pie menu string it listens to, but that's all I remember. Anyone have an idea what I may be doing wrong?

Secondly, I chose a tall statue that had sort of the same floor-area as the stove and no surprise Sims think it's in the way. I want to be able to use OMSP's to use the stove as a counter. At first I was going to clone a counter so that it would look as a stove but work like a counter, but then that got confusing so I didn't. I may try that when I have the time, but for now I have a deco object that I want to make compatible with OMSP-use. I want Sims to not think it's in their way. I'm assuming it's some kind of flag it's setting (possibly height flag?) that I need to change, but I'm not sure which. I've tried to google, but it's hard to make the search specific enough. I was hoping one of you lovelies would know Smile

Third and final question. I would like to make ShinyTyme Cooktop versions of the regular maxis stoves. Basically, I want to be able to limit a Sim to meals they cook with the burners, and forget they have a stove. I decided to tackle decorative first, because it's much easier to do. I cloned the ShinyTyme Cooktop, and there are no joints to make my life complicated, and the burners are matched up on all stoves so it won't look out of place on a new mesh. What worries me is the NPC-inducing aspect of the ShinyTyme. I know it won't spawn one on non-dorm lots unless you have a mod, but I'd like my version to not mess with NPCs at all. Do you guys think it's a realistic project, or are there things I'm not realizing because I'm a noob that would make that project overly complicated? Smile

Thanks in advance to anyone who has the energy to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. This forum makes me so inspired, and makes me want to push my boundaries and learn things I figured I could never learn Smile
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#2 22-04-2016 
To stop your sims from viewing the object, open the TTAB resource, select 'view' option, and uncheck adult, child, elders..

To end the "in my way stompy feet" (I love when my sims do that, I'm always like "No! You shall not pass go and you shall not collect $200! You'll stay right where you are until your motives drop so low I take pity on you!!") - you need to add a line to the BHAV to allow person intersection.

#3 22-04-2016 
I can't edit the TTAB, the one it has is empty. And it's not responding to the changes when I import the semi-global TTAB. I need to make it listen to the one in the package, and I forget how that's done.

I wasn't been clear enough, sorry about that. I don't want Sims to walk through it, although I'm sure I'll want to do that too at some point so I'm glad I now know how it's done. What I want with this object is for Sims to be able to use a OMSP placed above it. Right now it's saying the stove is in the way, and that it can't use the counter-OMSP that's placed there. I'm currently testing importing init and init common from a CC deco object I have that does allow OMSP above it, but even if that works I'd still like to know which flag it is that's causing that behavior Smile I'm sure this won't be the last time I want to fix that.

EDIT: My attempt to fix it by using the init and init common of a CC deco object that did allow OMSPs did not work, so clearly there's more to it. That object does not have the allow person intersect-bhav, but perhaps I'm just missing the point and that would fix it? Smile
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#4 23-04-2016 
Can you use your stove and an OMSP with move objects on? If so, then adding BHAV to your stove should fix it. But you might want to allow object intersection instead.

I may know the answer to your TTAB problem (Nix will yell at me if do and don't remember!) - but I'll have to think on it. Having a head that feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls doesn't allow clear thinking, lol. So it takes some effort right now. (Stupid head cold!)

#5 23-04-2016 
Wouldn't it be easier (and neater) to clone a sidetable instead of the statue? That way you can add slots, so that you don't need OMSPs and you don't have the object intersection error. You can easily (I think?) change the catalog placement to deco afterwards.

#6 23-04-2016 
TTAB - extract from another object and import into your package. Should work I'd think.
Or, as Klaartje said - clone a side table (not a dining table because of the eat slots), add slots and change the catalog placement. (Can be done in the OBJD, just change the category.)
OR - just clone a different object, like the fruit bowl - the TTAB is there (I use that as a base a lot). The thumbnail wouldn't show properly but that's easily fixed by deleting the entry in the thumbnailExtension in the CRES.

#7 23-04-2016 
It might be easier to clone a different object, but I had to do so much editing to get this to come out right. Not too tempted by the prospect of doing it all over again. I'm not sure how I actually managed this time, so repeating the feat may be a tall order Tongue But I guess I may have to.

I haven't done anything with slots yet. I tried to follow a tutorial in the past, but it was too confusing and I decided to leave it for the future. I have since learned much more, so it may not be as confusing now, but as of right now I know nothing about how they work. Would the slot move when the mesh is changed? The surface of the stove is much higher up than an end table, so if the slot does not move it would end up being in the middle of the object. That's also half the reason I abandoned the idea of using a counter, because it's surface is a little lower than the stove and I knew the clipping would bother me. If it doesn't move, is that something that's easy to fix?

Meanwhile I'll try adding the bhav and see if that works. It would do as a temporary fix until I have the energy to re-do the entire thing with a different base object Smile

#8 23-04-2016 
You can edit the position of the slot in the CRES - you need to know which slot it is though. If you're not familiar with slots (which you aren't?), that can be tricky but someone would be willing to help you understand them.
To edit the position of a slot you'd need to know what height (at the very least) you want your slot to be. If you want to move it left/right or front/back, you'd need to know those too. Putting a mesh into MilkShape will help figure that out.

#9 23-04-2016 
I'm not feeling overly confident that I could tackle slots. I tried adding the intersection flag and it works now, so I think I'll stick with that and keep it for my own use for now. I'll re-visit it during the summer when I have more time to really sit down and try to understand slots. Thank you very much for the help Smile

For the TTAB issue I'll try to clone the same object again, but check create stand alone object, and hopefully that includes a TTAB that I can export to my object like you said Smile


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