Crash Pattern
#1 25-04-2016 
So I had another crash tonight, and what is funny is though the circumstances wren't the same (at home vs downtown) I had been playing for about the same length of time and the same time turning my comp on before going in game.

It seems to me that there might be a process hanging, taking a while to load. I don't know if this will help anyone else, but I thought mentioning couldn't hurt just in case it's a clue to something.
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#2 25-04-2016 

Did you have an exception text file created? That may or may not shed light on the situation.

If there's an exception file, you need to look into the logs folder in your my documents.

#3 25-04-2016 
@celebkiriedhel I can upload it, but I'm pretty sure it'll just say the same basic stuff. I just thought that it was interesting it happened at about the exact same amount of time the game had been running.

Just in case.

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.txt  Sims2Exception 2016.04.24 18.33.01.txt (Size: 12.47 KB / Downloads: 537)

#4 25-04-2016 

Yeah - I want to compare it with the previous one, to see if it is time-related, or whether it's crashing on the same part of the code.

#5 25-04-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Cool. Thank you.

I also realized that the other crash happened when the computer had been in all night, not when it had just been turned on.

Do you have he other one? I can't remember. I can get it when I get home from work if you don't.

Again thanks for all the help.

#6 26-04-2016 
@hirikosaunders I thought I did - upload it again though. it'lll keep it together on the one thread.

#7 26-04-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Can do.

I think that one is it. Apparently I have two more in the folder that must from messing with trying to get the nvidia card to work.

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.txt  Sims2Exception 2016.04.09 14.32.53.txt (Size: 12.63 KB / Downloads: 587)

#8 26-04-2016 

OK. It's crashing in a different place each time. Also the final data is different each time, which would suggest that its a different error each time.

What I do see is that you've got the same family each time 'White' - do you have another family you can use to go into the downtown lot? It may be that the sims data is corrupted. (Probably not, but it's worth a check).

#9 26-04-2016 
@celebkiriedhel I do and I can test sometime this weekend. I actually have a few things to test since a friend at work suggested testing another game to see if it will also crash if I play it soon after stating the computer up.

#10 05-05-2016 
@celebkiriedhel So I finally got around to testing. Went to downtown and stayed about 2 or so sim hours, with quite a few people on the lot, and had no problem. I probably should have stayed longer, but honestly I don't use downtown too much.

My teen sim did start on making a new friend,


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