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#1 29-04-2016 
So I was recording the next part for my Sims 2 legacy on youtube and ran into an unusual glitch, though I think I've seen it before.

If anyone recognizes this please fill me in on what you know. Thanks.

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#2 29-04-2016 
*update* It seems to only happen when I save on the bottom floor of their house.

#3 30-04-2016 

I've never seen that glitch before - and I have no idea how to fix it. Your graphics card works in weird and mysterious ways!

#4 30-04-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Anything of mine gets an attitude, I've determined.

It seems that another glitch is going on with my recording. Apparently, it's either frapps (fraps) or that glitch has caused this weird thing where the sceen is frozen and there are just arrows all over the recording. *sighs* I suspect it's got to be the recording program, but yeah I am frustrated. It doesn't appear to have been in the first few vids so yeah.

@celebkiriedhel my youtube channel is also hirikosaunders. My latest youtube vid for the sims 2 has what I'm talking about at about 35 minutes in or so if you want to see it.
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#5 30-04-2016 
OK. I see what you mean (that was actually different to what I thought you meant).

1. Great to hear your voice. Big Grin
2. That does look like to be your fraps - because the game keeps on going behind the arrow/freeze thing.

I found this you-tube about this -

Which is about the frames per second (fps) - this might be the reason why you're getting this. It also talks about how to fix it.

#6 30-04-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Thanks I will check it out.

I still need to test the other family in downtown. Hopefully I will get to it today.

@celebkiriedhel I did what they said to do so next time I'll record we shall see.
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#7 01-05-2016 
Fabulous - let me know how you go.

#8 04-05-2016 
@celebkiriedhel So I just finished recording with the new setup to the recording software. So far it seems okay except that DIVX skips bit, at the beginning so far. Every other video player does not (VLC and Windows Media player). When I render and convert it we will see if the glitch wirh DIVX remains, or it just something in that program.

Still need to test Downtown. Hopefully will get to test that tomorrow or Friday,

@celebkiriedhel It did it again in the last two minutes of the video.
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#9 05-05-2016 
@hirikosaunders OK. That sounds like it is still a problem with the video recorder.

You mention divx, VLC and media player - they're just playback programs, yes?

I'll continue to have a look around for you.

#10 05-05-2016 
@celebkiriedhel Yes, they are just different player programs.

Thanks. I'm going to be trying a few things myself. Because it seems like it might be happening whenever I scroll with my mouse instead of using the keyboard. I'm not sure that it is, but we shall see.

Again thank you so much.


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