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Xostean Wrote:I apologize for this being a random inquiry about a thread you made over 3 years ago but after spending literally the last week scouring the depths of the internet your thread is about as close to helpful as ive got, and even then it still does not work.

The reason im choosing to contact you is that we both use the same Video Cards, the 6819 AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series and i was hoping you might have some insight since you seem to of managed to get it to work for you.

I'm not entirely sure how to attach files on this site (as i literally only signed up to write you this) so i apologize for posting my log to the bottom of this as opposed to a seperate text file. Any insight you may have would be GREATLY appreciated.

2 odd things i noticed that ill point out ahead of time

-As you can see the log does not state "NOT FOUND IN DATABASE" which leads me to believe it should be recognizing it yet for some reason it does not

-Under the chipset you can see that the number listed is "6818" instead of "6819" Even though under the Videocard.sfr it is listed correctly ( 0x6819 AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series)

If you need me to post my Graphicrules.sfr and Videocard.sfr i can, but it is more or less the exact same. This is also being run on a windows 8.1 OS and it is The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection via Origin if that helps any. Let me know what you see.

Thank you again

config-log.txt(Click to View)


You don't exactly say what the problem is, I also need to know what operating system you are using and if you are using Ultimate Collection or not.

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Ah apologies, the problem is when i start the game in full screen it gives me the error "Failed to find Directx 9c compatible graphics adapter" etc.

As for the OS like i said it is windows 8.1 and i am indeed using the Ultimate Collection

For the moment im playing it in windowed mode as that is the only way ive found so far to avoid getting that error, but im OCD and hate windowed mode haha


and thanks again for looking into it


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