Green Box Around Pools.
#1 08-05-2016 
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I just installed The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on my computer. With the Graphics Rules Maker that you guys linked to in the Windows 8 post, all of my issues were fixed except for one -- there are green boxes around my pools.

I'm using Windows 10.

[Image: 6yeb13.jpg]

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I just wanted to add a few things I've learned so far, though the issue is not fixed.

1. The problem only occurs with the round pool pieces.
2. If the pool is placed directly on the grass with no tiles, the green blocks disappear.
3. I tried using the SimPE fix for invisible tiles, that doesn't fix the issue.
4. I am able to recreate the issue on any lot in any neighborhood of my game.
5. Deleting the pool and rebuilding it does not work.
6. The pool is still usable and the tiles can be walked on.
7. I used Graphics Rule Maker, it didn't fix the problem.
8. I tried turning shadows off, that didn't work.
9. The ground IS completely level.
10. The pool is NOT on a foundation.

#3 11-05-2016 

Thanks for the extra information, that does help me narrow down the things it could be.

The reason why I think it is happening is because it is the alpha part of the mesh that is interacting with the floor mesh. If you see how the green is not solid - that's the same sort of pattern you get when you have two mesh faces that intersect. For some reason the round pool tile alpha part is showing up neon green.

it doesn't happen with just the terrain because the terrain is slightly lower, so the meshes aren't intersecting. Rugs can have a similiar problem with floor tiles as well when it comes to lighting - which HugeLunatic did a rug fix for. (It's at MTS).

I don't know how to fix this as yet. Primarily, because I don't know why it's broken for you and not everyone. I've done some testing in my own game, and don't have this problem.

Does the neon green only show up at night? Or during the day as well?
Do you have any custom lighting fixes in your game? (If you do, which one - I'll do a compare to see what's different).

From my point of view, if I can recreate your problem in my game, then I can fix it. And I will try to find a solution for you! It will take a little patience though.


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