Auto lights
#1 10-05-2016 
Is there a bug or something with auto lights? None of mine turn off when sims leave the room or when there is enough light in the room. Is there a BO mod that fixes this?
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#2 10-05-2016 
Are you sure you didn't accidentally change the setting? If you turn the lights on or off it keeps that setting until you change it back to auto lights.

#3 10-05-2016 
umm nope don't think so no. The only lights that turn off are in the bed rooms.

#4 11-05-2016 
First, go and get This Smarter Lights mod by Numenor (the ModFather), and then try the following:

When there is any light on while you think it should be off, or vice versa, right-click THAT light, and select "auto-lights.../this room". Then let time run for a moment and see what happens. Then check other rooms one by one and repeat this process where required.

In my game many lights remain on all evening until midnight, whether a sim is in the room or not. And in rooms with no windows to the outside - so there is no daylight - lights remain on during the day as well.

#5 11-05-2016 
same here except they all stay on through the entire day, however the outside lights do turn off after a while but it's still dark out where they should still be on. All of my lights stay on and I have windows in them

#6 11-05-2016 
I think that if you install that mod that I liked to, things will go a lot better.


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