Sims 2 UC Windows 10 - Bodyshop Issues
#1 15-05-2016 
Hey, me again! I'm glad to say my Sims 2 games are all working perfectly thanks to the graphics fix Kiri made for me. However, funnily enough Bodyshop isn't loading at all.
I go into the right folder: Origin Games, Sims 2 UC, Fun with Pets collection, CSBin, Bodyshop. But then when I double click it nothing happens, and it's not running on Task Manager either. Any ideas as to why it may not be working?
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#2 15-05-2016 
Have you put the graphics files inside bodyshop? I think Kiri covers this in the stickies.

#3 15-05-2016 
Good point, I haven't. How do I do that?

#4 15-05-2016 

The folder that both the new graphic rules and the video cards.sgr needs to go in for UC is.

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\

The other thing to check -

Instead of double-clicking on the exe, right click, and run as admin and see if that makes a difference. Also troubleshoot compatibility. (Also a right-click option).

#5 15-05-2016 
Turns out I have done that... and yeah I tried that as well, but it doesn't want to work. Don't worry about it, I can live without Bodyshop anyway.

#6 15-05-2016 

Ooo - a couple of other things to check -

delete the cache files in the My Documents\Origin\The Sims 2\ folder where you normally play your hood. Sometimes a corrupt cache can be the reason why bodyshop doesn't go.

Also - try taking out your collections temporarily and any CC. I've noticed that they can be a problem sometimes to Bodyshop if they're not read in correctly.
Once you've loaded it up ok, you can put the CC back in - if it doesn't load again - then there's probably a bit of corrupt CC.

#7 15-05-2016 
Done both of them as well, cleared the cache and I don't have any CC. Anyways please don't worry about it, it's probably a Windows 10 thing. Thanks for your assistance though!


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