OFB - No Autonomous Job Reassignment
#1 28-05-2016 
Hello Mr. Leefish,

My sims create some really nice businesses, especially the restaurants. However, one thing that OFB does is maddening. I can best explain by example.

Sim A has a lovely restaurant, complete with a highly skilled chef, a hostess, one or two servers. He's usually the chef, but not always.

When I play Sim B, and he goes there to dine, Sim A is autonomously reassigning the jobs of his employees, and ends up with a chef who can barely cook, or the podium is unattended b/c he reassigned that employee to be server, and so on. A work around has been to use a 'Select this sim' mod to get him back on track, but it's distracting b/c I only want to focus on Sim B especially if Sim B is on an outing with friends or has a date. (It's even worse when I have additional employees such as a bartender and DJ.)

Attached is a pic of my Pollination Tech and his son Johnny on the rooftop of the restaurant, who I am playing in this scene. They don't own it, they're just on an outing, and I only want to play them. The other photo of the sim with the blue sleeves owns the restaurant. He's supposed to be the chef, but instead is about to auto-reassign his no-cooking skills waitress as chef. I can't see the pics in the preview but maybe you can.

I considered using 'Business Run You' hack, but that has a lot of other features I don't want, and would have to also use other mods with it to work which I also don't want.

I've been playing TS2 for years, have all the EPs and expansion packs through M&G.

Thank you for your time if you can do this.

dcsimmer, proud to be a member of LeeFish since May 2016.

#2 28-05-2016 
Hi Smile

I think you should be addressing this to BoilingOil, not me.

#3 28-05-2016 
This rather is Mrs. LeeFish. Tongue

#4 28-05-2016 
Yeah, I don't feel particularly addressed here. Smile I'm not very hopeful that I can do this thing, either. But I'll have a look anyway, when I find some time.

#5 29-05-2016 
Oh! Sorry about my name mix up! And thank you, Boiling Oil, for taking a peek when/if you get the time. I'll check back periodically so please let me know whenever if you discover it's too much of a headache.


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