Q: Same townies visit community lots
#1 29-05-2016 
Hi. The same townies visit my playable sims OFB businesses and restaurants. After they buy something or dine, they leave and come right back. There are over 100 townies in my game, not counting the BV townies or NPCs, yet the same 10 show up time and after time.

I opened up SimPE. What they have in common is the "dining loyalty" token. I am guessing that if I delete this, I'll see less of them and hopefully some new faces. If this is true, please confirm.

My questions are, is the 'dining loyalty' token also responsible for them showing up my other OFB lots, like my sims auto shop or robot shop or nightclub where he/she visits multiple times in day. Is there another token that would be responsible for this?

Or is it that more of them are in the same townie family (Cormier, in this neighborhood), and I wondered if the function of this family is to have more of those townies visit OFB lots, but I don't know. If that's the case, would I corrupt the neighborhood by moving them to a BV family, since I wouldn't see them that much? I imagine I'd need to delete their dining tokens first... again, not sure.

Note: I've never noticed this problem on community lots that are not owned by one of my sims. Although they show up there, it's not as much and other townies visit too.

I could use the Visitor Controller mod to ban these specific townies, but I'm concerned this could corrupt the lot if my sim later wants to sell it and I want to save it for future use in another neighborhood. Or I could kill them off, but that's an option I use sparingly.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Btw, I have all the original games and EPs.
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#2 29-05-2016 
I can not be certain of what I'm going to say now, but I've seen some evidence of it in my own game:

It might be that as long as your business is a low level, only a limited number of sims will be allowed to appear. Only once you've gained a few business levels, more different sims show up.
However, this would *only* explain why a certain limited group appears at one business. But for another business, the group ought to be different. You shouldn't see the same sims at all business lots all the time, I think.

But, as I said at the start of this message, I cannot be sure that this is how it all works. I'm just guessing.

#3 30-05-2016 
Thanks, BO. I tried this: I went into SimPE and viewed the memories of those die-hard repeat customers. In that townie group, the ones who were frequent each had in common:

~ an invisible Popular aspiration
~ a great deal of gossip memories about the playable sim owner, employees, and their playable friends,
~ a dining loyalty token

I backed up my game in case anything went wrong, and deleted these. It helped a great deal.

(For anyone who tries this, I strongly advise against deleting memories of "Met Sim A". From my experience long ago, deleting or even adding that memory caused a jump bug problem and confusion in other sims in my game.)

Those townies still come, but not as much, and other sims I who hadn't been customers now come to the business.

I'm guessing that their invisible aspiration to be popular was/is a strong motivating factor. The most annoying sims are also nosey and intrusive, so it makes sense they want to know all about the most active playable sims in the game.

#4 30-05-2016 
I'm not even sure what "an invisible popular aspiration" looks like, except that all aspiration tokens are always invisible. But apart from that, I think that maybe just killing that and/or the customer loyalty token might have been enough. All the gossip and memories should not have had anything to do with it.

On the other hand, your experience with the "Met sim A" memory is a bit wonky. Adding such memories is indeed risky, because you may not give the right information with each memory. But deleting those memories should never be a problem.

On the third hand... which game are we talking about here? I have never heard of traits as "nosey" or "intrusive" in The Sims 2. So somehow, some stuff is being mixed up here...


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