Request for No Yummy Stomach Rubbing
#1 30-05-2016 
BO, Here's a hobby animation I never see in real people. The more culinary enthusiasm and cooking skills they have, the more they rub their stomachs and groan with pleasure. Once in a blue moon after a meal might be cute, but they do it randomly, way too often, and it's gross.

I've looked for years for a mod to kill ONLY this hobby animation, to no avail. CJ made "No Hobby Animations" that addresses it ( ) but it also kills off animations that I really like, like the bookwalk and playing with the rubic cube.

This simmer ( ) sums up my feelings perfectly about it, but no one in that topic or elsewhere on the web seems to know where to find that specific "no yummy stomach rubbing" mod.

So, when you get some free time, would you be interested in making this mod? Thank you if can!
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#2 30-05-2016 
You simply looked at the wrong Cyjon mod... Try this one in stead Smile

#3 31-05-2016 
Hi again. I have that one, "No Smells Yummy", which kills the action of where they start sniffing the air in pleasure when around food made by a sim (or themselves) that smells good.

However this action is SEPARATE from the stomach-rubbing behavior when they merely 'think' about good food, and no food has to be present. This is exceedingly common in sims with 5+ cooking points, at least in all my neighborhoods.

#4 31-05-2016 
Yeah, the problem is that you want only this one thing stopped... I myself took a mod that kills all the hobby-related stuff. So now I'm going to need to figure this one out, huh? I'll see what I can do.

#5 02-06-2016 
Thanks Boiling Oil, you're the greatest! Even for trying whether it works or not. I really appreciate this.

#6 02-06-2016 
And if you put a space in my name one more time, I'm not going to do anything at all.

Ah no, just kidding. But please, either call me BoilingOil, or call me BO. But not Boiling Oil, please.

#7 04-06-2016 
Once I got to the 'just kidding' part, I laughed. Will do!


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