Game Crashes loading specific Lot
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Game works fine, but crashes when I try to open a specific lot.

When I click to enter the lot a few icons color up, until it reaches the fire icon (representing my burning rage) at which point it crashes - music still responding and mouse makes click sounds. "The application has crashed. Will now terminate"

I've tried Hoodchecker, Graphics-rules and several tweaks - and the game works splendid apart from this cursed family Fernandez. But it's my magnum opus in terms of housebuilding, and would really like to recover it somehow. I suspect removing the family could do the trick but that's several hours of decorating and don't feel like redoing it if the problem will occur again.

I'm running Win10, NVIDIA gpu-card.

PS. Is there any way to remove a family from a lot without removing the furniture?

PPS. The family recently had a baby son, he bugged growing up from an infant and has been functioning strange since. Perhaps this demonic baby Ramón is the problem, if so can he be solely removed? (I did not wish for it to come to that...)

Thanks in advance for any tips! Great forum Smile

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Try this:
  • Go into the neighborhood, and press CTRL-SHIFT-C.
  • Type (without the quotes) "boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true" and press ENTER
  • Then point your mouse at the lot, and you'll see which file belongs to that lot. Now, in Windows Explorer, you can backup that file (copy it to the desktop for example).
Now, you can do to that lot whatever you want, because you'll have a backup that you could copy back if something bad happens.

That, ofcourse, does not make the lot playable, yet. Now you can try to package the lot to a file. If that doesn't work, maybe we can try something else.
But if packaging DOES work, you can now open the packaged file in the Sims2pack Clean Installer.
If that also works, select lot-file only, and save the package to a new file. Install that file into the game, and you'll find the house as an unoccupied lot in the lots & houses bin (although the occupied lot with your family should still be in the neighborhood, too).
Place that house in a test hood, and see if you can open it in build mode.

If that crashes too, then there is something wrong that I don't know how to fix.


Another method, though a very risky one, would be to go into SimPE, open the neighborhood, find the baby and delete him there. But then you also need to find out which all sims know about this baby, and delete all their relationships to him and their memories of him. This is a complicated procedure, and if not done correctly, it will definitely corrupt your neighborhood. So I do not advise that, unless someone can tell you exactly how to do this properly.

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To be honest Lupa - your graphics set up is ok, and isn't the cause of this problem. It will be a corruption in the lot/family. I've never been good with the whole fixing corruption thing - if anyone else has some ideas, that would be the way to go.

Also I suggest that you try asking at MTS about fixing corrupt lot/family.

Personally, if it was me - I'd make a copy of the hood first, so that anything I changed could be reversed back. Then try stuff on the copy, and save the original somewhere safe.

Then I'd be looking at finding tools at MATY and MTS to fix things.

Depending on how attached to the family you were - I'd extract their DNA via sim surgery, and their stats using rufio. That way they could be rebuilt.

As for the house? I'm not sure how to fix that. But I suspect what would have to be done is a rebuild - so it would be a matter of trying to get a copy of the house - taking copious pictures, and then using the pictures to rebuild.

To Start Up
Start up SimPE,
Select Tools, Neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Browser.
Select the Neighbourhood you want and Open.

1. Sim Surgery

Select Tools, Neighbourhood, Sim Surgery
Select the sim you want to save from the Sim Pool, then in the 'Patient' area, click on 'use'
Click on 'Export' and change the name of the package to your sim name.

This can then be put in your downloads folder and used for either Bodyshop or CAS in-game when creating a new sim.

2. Rufio
Select Tools, Neighbourhood, Export Neighbourhood.
Select a folder for it to go into
Select the neighbourhood that has your family in it. And select Open.
It will create a Folder called Rufio, in it will be 2 text files - Exported Lots.txt, Exported Sims.txt and 2 folders SimImages and LotImages
Open up the text files using a spreadsheet program, it will contain almost all the stats for every single sim in your hood. You can use that to recreate your sims.
It will also tell you which lot id that they live in.

3. Taking a copy of the house

From Rufio find out which house is the house number.
copy that package from the \The Sims 2\Neighborhoods\Nxxx\Lots to
\The Sims 2\LotCatalog\

Change the name on the package from
Nxxx_Loty (where x is the neighborhood number and y is the lot number)
cx_000000nn where nn is the next number up after the previous number.

The lot will then be in the Lot Bin, and will come without sims attached.

NOTE: THIS IS IMPORTANT. This WILL corrupt your hood even further so you can't just use this to save your house. What you need to do is to take pictures of the house and rooms from all angles so you can rebuild it in your non-corrupted hood. This is why you save your original hood, so you can do the fixes into it from saving the house plans and sim looks from the corrupted hood.

As for removing the corrupted lot/family - that I'd go to MTS/MATY for advice on that.

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Thanks for the immediate response!

Packaging the lot doesn't work I'm afraid - same result. The house copy alternative is great though.

At this point I can actually live with redecorating it, I'm just worried this same thing will happen again after spending X hours building a house and playing. Are there, generally speaking, any specific reasons this may occur? Items to avoid or something?

The house was §600,000 and had 34 rooms etc... Maybe too big?

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It could be due to corrupt CC or as Kiri and BO suggest a corruption within the family.

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It's a pity you can't package the lot, @Lupa. I was afraid that might happen... The lot being too big is most likely indeed the reason for this, as you guessed.

(01-06-2016 02:45 PM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  3. Taking a copy of the house

From Rufio find out which house is the house number.
copy that package from the \The Sims 2\Neighborhoods\Nxxx\Lots to
\The Sims 2\LotCatalog\

Change the name on the package from
Nxxx_Loty (where x is the neighborhood number and y is the lot number)
cx_000000nn where nn is the next number up after the previous number.

Using the "boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true" hack I mentioned before, you could find the same file Nxxx_Loty without getting into SimPE. Copy this lot-file into the LotCatalog exactly as Kiri explained it, and rename the copy. Ofcourse, this doesn't help you with saving the sims in question. Just the lot.

Saves a lot of trouble to make a note of this method for future reference. Just in case you run into another house that fails to load.

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Unfortunately I tried copying the lot into the lot catalog but same crash occured, as did it after I had evicted the family (and pretty much traumatized them for life).

I guess on the bright side I got my Sims 2 boosted and I found this forum - didn't think anyone still played Smile So it's not that bad. Thanks for the helps I'm going to start a new neighborhood.

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OK. It sounds like that it was just too big.

There's are a lot of people that still play Sims 2 - there's hundreds of them on Tumblr as well as in different forums. Of course, MTS is still the biggest forum for finding things and people.

Good luck with the new neighbourhood!


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