Sims 2 Ultimate Collection graphics issues.Help please ?
#11 08-06-2016 
So dont do anything ?

#12 08-06-2016 
That's correct. Lets wait until you crash again, and see where we go from there.

#13 08-06-2016 
Indeed. Do not try to fix what doesn't appear to be broken. If it works, leave it working the way it is until it no longer does, and only *then* see how it should be fixed.

#14 08-06-2016 
then like can you help me with the sims 4 because it keeps crashing randomly.

is that a different thread altogether ?

#15 08-06-2016 
@toradora101 I have no experience with Sims 4, and do not have it myself. That's more than a separate thread - that's a separate person as well.

I would ask at MTS, or the Sims 4 forum where they have the equivalent of SimPE (I can't remember it's name at the moment).

#16 09-06-2016 
Ok.Thank you for the help.If the Sims 2 has any problems Ill come


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