SIMS 2 UC DirectX 9 Problem with new laptop
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please help.. ive looked through everything and cant find a fix for my laptop to run sims 2 UC with all addons.
my config-log.txt file is not showing anything because i get the directx 9.0 problem and wont even load once.
my laptop details are:
AMD A8-5557m APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
8192MB RAM
AMD Radeon HD 8550G + HD 8750M Dual
AMD Dadeon Graphics Processor (0x990D)
6091 MB

My config log is as follows:
Log generated on 6/5/2016, 12:15

Global properties
boolProp perfAddLights true
boolProp perfRenderParts true
boolProp perfLightCaching true
boolProp perfEnableSkinning true
boolProp perfEnableMorphing true
boolProp useLODs false
uintProp lodOverride 0
boolProp autoLogin false
floatProp particleSizeThreshold 1
floatProp particleDensity 1
floatProp particleScale 1
uintProp maxParticlesTarget 10000
floatProp particleDamping 0.9
uintProp particleLODOffset 0
uintProp effectPriorityLevel 3
boolProp effectLODSoftChange true
floatProp effectMaxTimeDelta 0
boolProp useEffects true
boolProp enableSnapshot true
boolProp floorCollisions true
boolProp wallCollisions true
boolProp freeWill true
boolProp interrupt false
boolProp creatingLotTemplate false
boolProp unevenTilesFloorable true
uintProp maxTerrainGrade 5

Device 0


Option properties

Device properties


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Please *ATTACH* your config-log.txt, not copy & paste it!
When you copy&paste, the majority of the text is cut off, because it would be too long for a message. And the info that is required is in the cut off section.

At the bottom of the screen, where you enter your post, read the important bit above it first, and then press the FULL EDITOR button to get the attach option!

Thank you for understanding, and for your cooperation.

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@antitheftboy BO is correct. I generally need the full config-log.txt. I know that it seems a bit pointless when you can't open the game even once.

Could you also check if there are files in the logs folder that look like:

Sims2Exception 2016.05.01 16.02.37.txt

Where the numbers afterwards are and (i.e. the date and time of the crash). That may give me some extra information.

In the meantime -

1. Have you set your sims2EP9.exe to run as admin?
2. Have you run the 'troubleshoot compatibility'?
3. Do you have an Intel card as a dual card on your laptop?

I can point you to a graphic rules, but it may not be the correct one because if you have a dual graphics card it could be either.

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That is my whole config log... thats what im saying. there is nothing there but i will attach it anyway
yes ive tried running it in admin as ive read through every post i could find on this troubleshooting.
i have a set graphics card plus duel graphics however i can turn off duel graphics as ive tried that also.
The Radeon HD 8550G is the graphics card i use when duel is turned off and the duel card is Radeon HD 8750M
im really lost and really want to play but this directX 9 problem is just killing me.
any and all help will be awesome.
Thanks again in advance

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At least now we know that this is all you had. We could not know that from the pasted version.
I'm not sure how this is going to be fixed... There is very little to go on, here. But maybe this is enough to give Kiri a clue as to where to look... I hope so.

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well hopefully Kiri can fix this i really need the help and would be soo happy if it can be done

#7 07-06-2016 

OK. We'll start with changing the Graphic Rules, which may or may not fix the problem, but will step it into the right direction.

Download Graphic Rules - Radeon - Texture Fix

Unzip this into these folders:

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\

Note: These are Program folders and different to where the game is played from and where the log files were gotten from.

I'm assuming that you're running the game with no custom content at present.
- If you do have CC in the game, move it out of the game folders temporarily while we fix this. You'll also need to delete the .cache files in \My Documents\Origin\The Sims 2\ folder. (The game will regenerate them). That's just to keep the problem as simple as possible. Once we've made sure the vanilla game works, you can put the CC back in.

If the graphic rules lets you into the game, then upload the most recent config-log.txt that is generated.

If it doesn't then we're going to have to take a longer path to get your video card details to set up.

I'll let you run this first, because it's a bit complicated to get them, and I don't want to confuse you.

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I have done all that you asked and still wont load via directX 9 issue. i dont know why its not working and attached is my new config log.
I do know a little about computers so if you do ask me to do abit then i can follow directions.
Thanks again.

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.txt  TOM-config-log.txt (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 387)

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OK - what we're going to do now, is get the device id and descriptions for both cards, so I can set them up and no matter which card it uses, we should be fine.

What you'll need to do is go into your control panel, choose system -> device manager -> Display Adapters.
Both your graphics cards should be there.
Right Click and choose properties

We want
Device description (or Display Description)
and more importantly


it should look something like this:

(that's mine)

I'll need both pieces of info for both graphic cards.
Probably the easiest way to do it is do a screenshot, but however you want to upload the value here would work. Smile

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these are the graphics cards and ids that i found. i hope they are the ones you needed. If not let me know and ill find out anything else i can.
Thanks again.

AMD Radeon HD 8550G + HD 8750M Dual Graphics

AMD Radeon HD 8750M


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  2. Your operating System.
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