Social Worker Error and Check break point primitive blocked completion
#1 09-06-2016 
(Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I know this is modding help, but I couldn't find a gameplay help, feel free to move it.)

I run Windows 10 on a laptop with The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection installed, as does my sister, and each of us have the same mods and CC and game setup. My sister was playing and she tried to adopt a baby, but she said the social worker van disappeared and there was no baby. I reproduced this error in my own game in an unplayed hood and had the same problem. There was no problem adopting a toddler or a child. I then started a clean game (no mods/CC, all new hoods). I expected that the problem would not reoccur as I was presuming a problem with my downloads but the error appeared again when trying to adopt a baby. This leads me to believe that it is a problem with my game installation, however I find it strange that the problem occurs for myself and my sister, as that means that both of our games program files have been corrupted.

I have edited some files in the TS2 UC folder inside program files. I replaced all my hood templates with the clean ones from meetme2theriver, I added two custom tv channels (Tinytots TV and discovery channel from modthesims, if it's relevant, and both work fine.), which required editing Broadcast.ini and I also have placed four override files into my M&G overrides folder (Inteenimator_G, BO's children get bottles and 2 from Lord Darcy at MTS, a SP objects fix and a mod to allow more slots on objects). Additionally, I changed the splash screen to a custom UC one (from modthesims, works fine) and I added the laptops graphics card to videocards.sgr and replaced the graphicsrules.sgr files. I made all of the programs files folder read only. I did this for myself and for my sister, and these are the only changes I have made to the files in program files, as far as I know (hoping I've missed something that the error logs will show, and my game files are not corrupted).

I am currently downloading the Sims 2 UC onto a new laptop and I will try adopting a baby with that clean game, adding back in all my customised things until I (hopefully) discover the error. In the meantime I have two error logs, one from the hood with CC/mods and one from the hood without (though they look essentially the same.) If somebody who knows how to read them could take a look and tell me what, exactly, is the problem (maybe it's game corruption and I will have to reinstall, or replace the objects.package files).

Additionally I am having another, unrelated, problem. Two of my sims are continously throwing the same error (Check tree primitive blocked completion). I read the wikipedia definition of this error but I don't quite understand it, what causes it and most importantly, how I can stop it. I have been unable to reproduce this error in any other household or neighbourhood, with or without CC/mods and I believe it is a problem with these sims rather than the lot (because this error occurs both on community lots and at home, and they have lived in 4 different houses where the error has occurred). It has become quite the interference as obviously every time the error occurs the sim resets, which gets annoying when it happens 10 times day. I can't see any particular pattern to when it occurs, except that they seem to be doing nothing when it happens, but I think it has to do with what they are planning to do next (at least from what wikipedia says, that's what I gathered).

I have only seen two other errors in the game aside from these two (too many iterations and hit break point primitive). I have attached the logs just in case these could be somehow relevant/related.

If somebody wouldn't mind glancing over these logs and just letting me know the source of the problems, I would be eternally grateful. Please let me know if you need additional information or more logs. All logs are attached in zip, including my config-log and a HCDU report (if it's relevant, there's 50 conflicts but they are all fine due to load order.)
Thanking you in advance,
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You mention my Children get bottles mod. I hope that the thing in Overrides is not the only part that you have, because you still need the other half too, in Downloads. If you don't have that, stuff may go wrong. That should not affect the adoption process, though.

With respect to adopting babies, it might be entirely possible that the clean hoods are to blame, since all 'unnecessary' sims have probably been purged from those hoods. Perhaps, meetme2theriver also removed all adoptable babies?

Edit to add: I would like you to reorganize your mods, because putting stuff from multiple sources in a single folder is very impractical, and often causes unexpected results. Also, keep folder names relatively short, and use only letters, digits, hashes (-), underscores (_).

Put stuff by:
  • Anoeska in 'TSR/Anoeska' (Yes, that is a subfolder Anoeska IN the folder TSR. For every TSR member, make another folder here)
  • Chris Hatch in the folder 'CJH'
  • Pescado in 'FFS' (Flying Fish Systems)
  • Squinge in 'Insim'
  • TwoJeffs in 'TwoJeffs'
  • LordDarcy in 'MTS/LdDarcy' (Indeed, a folder LdDarcy IN the folder MTS. For every MTS member, make another folder here)
  • Inge in 'Simlogical'
  • Inteenimater stuff *including all the flavor packs* in a single folder 'Inteen'
  • SimWardrobe stuff in 'SimWardrobe'
  • Cyjon in 'zzCyjon'
  • BoilingOil in 'zzzzBO'
Everything that is not mentioned above, but MUST load after Inteen, you may put in a folder 'Inteen2' or something similar (please, no spaces, or the order is switched around), if you want.
And *temporarily* put everything else in a folder named 'miscellaneous' so it's easier to find stuff we're looking for.
If we later find that we need to change load order (for example, because Inteen stuff should load before or after something else), we can simply rename one or two folders to get the correct effect.

#3 09-06-2016 
Funnily enough I removed all the clean hoods after posting because I had a feeling it would be due to that and it was, so I have removed them all and now babies can be adopted again. An unfortunate side effect of her clean hoods, I wonder if the clean hoods by other creators have the same effect.

From the error log, were you able to tell if the "check tree primitive blocked completion" was caused by CC or not? In any case, I don't have the error anymore because I have started a new hood in order to adopt babies.

Oh, and of course I have the other part of the children get bottles mod, I only mentioned the override as it was something I had put in the program files.
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#4 10-06-2016 
Ah, so my guess about the babies was right? I had not seriously expected that way too obvious possibility (the first thing I thought of, really) to be the actual problem, though it seemed to make sense.

The blocked completion errors, from what I could see, all involved a specific chair. I'm attaching a little test mod here. What I want you to do is the following:
  • put all your usual CC in your game
  • put the DarkLady-Conflict-Test file in Downloads
  • create a NEW HCDU report, which I want to see.
  • remove and delete the DarkLady-Conflict-Test file. (You will never need it again!)

Thanks for elaborating on the override. I thought I'd just point it out, because I guess one *could* have mistaken my instructions, thinking that only the override was sufficient Smile

Have you been looking into reorganizing the hacks/mods as I suggested? It may not currently seem necessary, seeing as how the main issue has already resolved itself, but I would still advise a cleaner way to separate different creators. If you decide to do this, I would appreciate a new hackreport afterwards.

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I had thought the same, I guess next time I won't overlook the most obvious solution!

I have attached the HCDU report now, although there is no difference - there were 43 conflicts found before (I have removed some flavour packs of inteen since yesterday, reducing the number from 50) and 43 conflicts found after I put in the conflict-test file, but maybe you will see something I don't.

Oh, no problem, I understood what you had written in the post for it.

I haven't totatlly reorganised them, but I have moved Cyjons mods to after inteen (I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but your last post suggested that). I don't have a lot of different creators mods, especially not from MTS (pretty much just Numenor and LdDarcy), so I wouldn't see any point to giving each creator a folder, and I have just one mod from Anoeska and some others, so I wouldn't give them a separate folder either. The most important thing is that I know all the mods in my game and can identify where and who they've come from. Thank you for the suggestion though. Smile

#6 10-06-2016 
The trouble with the Check Tree does not appear to be CC related. I have nothing else.

#7 10-06-2016 
Actually, your previous post was correct: it was a CC chair that I had, I have narrowed down the exact one using the 50/50 method. Thank you so much for the help. Were the other two errors (too many iterations and hit break point primitive) caused by CC/the chair do you know?

Also, this is an unrelated question, but could you please tell me exactly what a hood reset is/does? I have read on a couple of mods that if added/removed they cause a hood reset, which the creator said is the same as what happens when you install a new EP, however it's been almost 10 years since I have and I have no recollection of what happens. Does it just reset all your sims?

Thank you again BO, you've been a great help. Smile

#8 10-06-2016 
I don't really see the point of stating the obvious. But thank you for asking for my help.


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