Really Unimportant Rant...
#1 16-06-2016 
Ok, so first off, keep in mind that it's almost 3:30 AM and for whatever reason I'm still up Wink However, I'm also certain that my outrage will not fade with sleep. Outrage might be a bit of a strong word. Perhaps heartbreak is a better one, though at the moment I'm a bit (not truly, but sort of) angry...

What in the name of all things holy have they done to my favorite movie?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Like seriously, what?!?!?!?! When I first saw the first teaser with just a bit of Elliot, I was like "Ok, different, but I could maybe live with it." It is decades later, technology and what have you. But after seeing this horrendous what the crap plot they've got going on...I'm just truly disappointed.

Anywho, it's a movie. I'll get over it. Eventually Tongue
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#2 16-06-2016 
Well, have you seen what they did to Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and a whole bunch of other classic comic Heroes? They call that a 'reboot', where they completely reset the 'universe' and invent new twists, completely rewrite the background of the hero and his powers...
The same is what they did with the original Star Trek series: a new James T. Kirk, a new Bones, Spock, Scotty and all that... And now suddenly Spock's home world - Vulcan - is destroyed by some Romulan, which we *know* never happened in the original series.

All that crap started a few years ago, and I'm *still* not over it. So I can understand your pain, Jones. Really, I know what you feel, and I'm sorry that you have to go through this too.

*hugz* - BO -

#3 17-06-2016 
So it's "Mowgli's Dragon" now? Or was that Jodie Foster from "Nell"? Perhaps "Tarzan's Dragon"... if only Alexander Skarsgaard was available. 8• So Disney took a story, completely ripped it to shreds, added a ton of special effects and clichés. Standard Operating Procedure! Look what they've done to Grimm's Fairy Tales. They've been raping and bastardizing classics for ages. Only now it seems they've turned to cannibalizing their own. SIGH. I feel your pain, Jones... but i'm not surprised. After what George Lucas did to my childhood, nothing shocks me anymore.

And i'm with you 100%, BO!! What they've done to Star Trek infuriates me! "hey, Trek fans? Remember those years and years you spent investing in the Star Trek Universe? Well... None of it happened. We're rewriting it for a cooler generation."

Thanks for the great big GFYS, Hollywood /Disney.


#4 17-06-2016 
That's exactly what I said to Brandon, grin. Well, not exactly, same gist. I said "So now Pete is Mowgli?!"

#5 22-06-2016 
Hmm. As someone who's never seen the original, my initial thought was..... it looks okay. Not sure how the feral child is speaking perfect English, and the plot is clearly heading in a corny direction, but still it looks like an okay kids movie.

So then I looked up the original trailer.

Well. It's a completely different movie. The original seems comedic, the remake seems serious. The original Pete doesn't even seem to be feral. Different plot. Different movie.

They should've just named it something else and said it was inspired by "Pete's Dragon".

But oh well at least you can still watch and enjoy the original movie. Pretend the remake never happened. Y'know block it from your memory like I tend to do with series finale episodes of my fave TV shows. Tongue


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