A Different Approach to Thumbnails - Can it be Done?
#1 24-06-2016 
EDITTED for clarification :

So I have run into a tiny little bump in my project and I was hoping perhaps I might find a little assistance/advice from the folks here.

I am working on a project that is an overlay, but uses a unique approach in building in multi-level basement. It is a repository set, but the problem I am running into is camera angles and catalog thumbnails. I have gone through (MTS link) MogHughson's Tutorial on Custom Thumbnails for Objects as well as the camera one, and the problem I am running into is the fact floors and walls do not have CRES files. What I am trying to do is create some thumbnails for texture choices when a person goes to recolor the object, and I honestly am not sure HOW to go about doing it, considering there really is no CRES file to work with (at least as far as I can tell in my limited knowledge).

I am not exactly a coding nerd, but I do love to self teach my self things, and I got the odd notion, could I use the XOBJ info from floors and walls to help recreate thumbnails, while also using the repository technique?

Here is the master object in the game with the 'ceiling' side of my object showing. There is also a top texture as I want both sides to be recolorable.

[img][Image: X3G5LV5.png][/img]

At this point, I am thinking what I will have to do is 'create' a dummy clone in which steal the CRES information, but I am not even sure that will work, since I have a 'Top" (floor texture) and a 'Bottom' (ceiling texture) because both sides of my faux ceiling are recolorable.

Can a person actually add/use XOBJ resource to a package while it has a CRES resource? I want to get the texture information so that when one attempts to recolor, the XOBJ information shows up as the thumbnail texture when one attempts to recolor.

Or will I have to create completely new custom CRES because floors and walls do not have cres files?

Any advice, suggestions or assistance would be appreciated!
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