#1 28-06-2016 
A rant. These guys got me banned...JUST FOR SAYING I DIDN'T LIKE WHAT THEY WERE DOING!

#2 28-06-2016 
Yup, that's something you'll have to live with on someone else's website. They made the site, so they make the rules. If you want to keep going there, you must tolerate the way they do things. If you do not, they have three choices:
  • start a discussion
  • simply delete your comment
  • ban you

1. If they start a discussion with you, others will start to pitch in, and in no time, the whole situation becomes ugly, and they start losing members. Or their host may take them down for being abusive or whatever.
2. If they delete your comment, you can come back and asking why they removed it... and again, the whole discussion starts.
3. But if they simply ban you, you can not ask anything, and their problem is solved immediately. Your comment is removed, so nobody sees it, and you are not around to start nagging them again.

Now because I can't see what happened exactly - the link doesn't show what you said, and why - I cannot say whether they were right to ban you or not.
But I *will* say that if you were to disagree with the rules on Simbology - where I am one of the admins -, *I* would also ban you. It doesn't matter if you mean well, and it doesn't matter if we are friends. My first duty as admin of the forum, is that I must protect how the forum runs. If you upset these rules, you are no longer welcome there.

Here on LeeFish, however, I am only a moderator. I have the power to ban you here, too. But I will not do that, because I'm not sure if Leefish would want me to. If Leefish wants you banned, she can do that herself. After all, this is the Tea Room: a place for free discussion about any subject. So maybe you're off the hook here...
But what I *will* do, is tell you that most forum owners do not like it if you start threads about problems on other sites.

So, I'm sorry about your bad experience, and I sympathize with you. But that's the best I can do.

#3 28-06-2016 
Thank you BO, very well put. Indeed, I do not want my site to be a place where we discuss other sites in a negative way. Closing thread.


Sorry, that is a members only option