(Simple) Translation Help Needed!
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(I was considering putting this in Modding Help, but since it isn't the actual modding I need help with, I decided it would fit better here. Mod people should feel free to move it if they disagree.)

Since there are fish of several different nationalities swimming in this pond, I thought this would be an excellent place to ask for help. Smile

I'm making something for Toddler Month, and I need help translating a word for a pie menu item. I want this menu item to be available in as many languages as possible, you see (as someone who usually plays in Swedish, it always bugs me when an object has a pie menu that's all in Swedish... except for this one option the creator's tacked on, that's in English. It just looks so... untidy), but I want to make sure I have the correct translations - and I don't trust Google translate as far as I can throw it. Dodgy

So, if there are any fishies who speak other languages than English and who'd like to help me translate, that would be great! (You'll all get credit for helping, of course!) Pretty please with sugar on top? Flower

The word I need help with is "rock " - the verb, as in "rock a cradle."

Many thanks in advance! Celebrate

Edit: Just to clarify, it's the infinitive I'm looking for ("to rock") - unless, of course, your language uses some other tense for pie menu options, then that's what I'll want.

And I just realised I need help with a phrase as well: "stop rocking."
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* Klaartje wonders what object is.
Dutch translation: full verb would be "schommelen", third-person singular is "schommel".

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You'll see. Wink

And dankjewel. Smile If I also wanted to say "stop rocking," what would that be?

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"Stop met schommelen" (literally "stop with rocking"). There is not really any other good way that I know of, to say this. If there was, I should have figured it out in the last 57 years Wink

ETA: So now you can see why I prefer to play my games in English... Dutch translations are hopeless. Sad

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Dank je as well. Smile That's Dutch down, then, great! (Well, Dutch, English and the Scandinavian languages.)

Anybody else? @poisson? @noiredeb? @Oeselian?

* NixNivis looks around hopefully

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I have very basic french -

Start Rocking is commencer à bascule.
Stop Rocking is arrêter à bascule

commencer means: to start or begin
arrêter means: to stop

à bascule "at rock" as in see-saw, rocking chair or rocking horse.

I'd double check with Poisson, but that's at least going to be meaningful for French folks even if it's not quite right.

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Thanks, Kiri. Thing is, I want it to be right, not just to make sense (I have basic French myself), so if you don't mind, yeah, I'm going to run it by Poisson as well just to be on the safe side. Smile Many thanks for helping, though!

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(04-07-2016 10:56 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  ETA: So now you can see why I prefer to play my games in English... Dutch translations are hopeless. Sad
Same here...

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Hi, it's for a rocking chair? Like this:

[Image: traditional-rocking-chairs.jpg]

Rocking chair = sedia (chair) a dondolo (rocking)

But it depends on the context, for example:

Rock a baby = cullare (rocking) un bambino (a baby)

I think it can be translated as "cullare" or "dondolare" (infinitive).

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@BoilingOil and @Klaartje, these days, I always play in English, too, even if Swedish is available. But when I installed TS1 back in... 2003? I installed it in Swedish, for some reason I was sure I thought was a good one at the time. Then, when I got TS2, I was used to simming in Swedish, so I stuck to it. Now, it would just feel strange to have my "normal" game in English. (But I also have two PermaGames set up, one medieval, one Star Trek, and they are in English. For them, Swedish would have felt strange - the Star Trek one especially.)

Having said that, if I had installed TS2 for the first time today, I would have done it in English, because the Swedish translation is awful. It's definitely not done by a professional translator. Dodgy It's not that whoever translated it doesn't know Swedish; he or she doesn't seem to know English, at least not beyond what we learn in school and might pick up from watching (mostly North American) tv shows. Oh, I'm sure the translator think they're fluent (we Swedes have a tendency to think we're much, much better at English than we really are. "We care about the small people," anyone? Rolleyes ), but to someone who knows a little more English than your average hasn't-spoken-or-read-a-book-in-English-since-high-school Swede, it's painfully obvious they aren't (and also don't know how, or can't be bothered, to use a dictionary).

@noiredeb, hi! It's actually for a crib (that Sims can rock when there's a baby/toddler in it). So I'm looking for "rock (the cradle)" and "stop rocking (the cradle)." Would you use "cullare" for that as well?

Grazie mille! Big Grin


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